16 Inspiring & Efficient Home Office Ideas


Looking for a brand new way to redecorate your home office? Browse this list of inspiring home office ideas and go shopping!

If you work from home or just have kids that need a place to do their homework, an organized home office is a must! I love browsing photos of home office ideas online and I found some of the best ones. This is Annie from Venture1105 and I’m so excited about what I found!

16 Inspiring Home Office Ideas featured on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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What do you use a home office for? Or do you even have a home office? I used to just work on my laptop curled up on the couch or on my bed. Then I realized how bad that was for my back.

What I soon discovered was that you don’t really need an entire room for a home office in order to be efficient and organized. You can create a home office in the corner of your living room or against a wall in the kitchen.

If you are frustrated with your home office situation and just need a few new ideas, you came to the right place! I found some of the best ideas and shared them all in one place.

Genius Home office ideas

You don’t need a huge budget to pull off these home office ideas. They span the spectrum from the glamorous to the simple. I hope you find something helpful in this list.

1. hanging wall organizer

This first idea is a really small part of a home office that is really important. Instead of allowing clutter to grow all over your desk, create a system to store all your small supplies.

View the tutorial.

2. Use a rug

This office is so dreamy! I love all the different shades of pink and white. Lots of home office ideas on this list use white office decor. It’s a color that creates a feeling of openness and space.

View the transformation pictures.

3. use a fun chair

You don’t have to use a rolling office chair. I love this vintage dining room chair they used. And that desk is so clean, there is a lot of room for working and planning.

View the entire transformation.

4. decorate with a theme

What a dreamy farmhouse decor theme! Start out redecorating your home office or office nook with a theme in mind. This will give you some structure and guidance as you shop for new furniture.

Check out the entire makeover.

5. repurpose items to stay in budget

Next, I absolutely love how this blogger redid her entire home office within a small budget. She reused different kitchen items on her desk. It’s really smart and looks cute at the same time.

Check out her other budget-friendly tips.

6. Create a command center

I think command centers are essential in a home office. This is the place you will keep track of schedules. This shiplap command center is on-trend and really easy to make yourself.

View the tutorial.

7. set up storage areas

Another essential tip is to install plenty of storage areas in your home office. This one, for example, has bookshelves on both sides of the desk. There are lots of places to store items in the drawers too.

View the home office tour.

8. leave room on your desk for papers

Organizing your desk is essential if you work from home. You will be able to think more clearly. This desk is really simple and has plenty of workspace on top.

Read more organizing tips.

9. make room in your living room

If you don’t have an extra bedroom for a home office, you can set up a dedicated area in your living room. I love this little office nook in the corner of the living room. The entire home has a farmhouse theme and the desk fits right in with it.

View the entire living room tour.

10. create a focus wall


If you love pops of color, then create an accent wall that attracts all the attention. You can do this with some wallpaper or even paint it by hand.

11. make a mini office out of a phone desk

This is another way to add a mini workspace in the main part of the house. All you need a clean desk, a comfy chair, and some office supplies storage.

See the tutorial.

12. upcycle antique furniture

Go to thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales. Look for older desks with beautiful accents. Then you can have fun repainting it and making it the focal point of your cute office.

View her process.

13. install a DIY pegboard

Isn’t this wall the cutest thing you have ever seen? I love how useful it is too. You can change the storage from one day to the next just by moving the pegs around.

Follow the tutorial.

14. buy furniture in sets

There are two decor choices from which you must choose. Do you want to create a boho style with mix and match furniture? Or would you rather buy your furniture in sets and create a uniformed look?

There is no wrong answer here. Choose what makes you feel happiest.

Check out the entire home office.

15. organize everything on your desk

Give everything a home. Look at your desk. What is sitting out, loose? Create a DIY storage solution for these items. One of the most common things to get lost is receipts. Lisa created an excellent tutorial for a receipt folder.

Check out the receipt folder tutorial.

16. add texture


Finally, as you create your dream home office, look for decor and storage items with different textures. It will make your home office feel warmer and more inviting.

Creative home office ideas AND benefits

One of the biggest benefits of a beautifully designed home office is that you will be more focused and efficient. When you love where you are working, you will accomplish more in less time.

I hope these ideas inspire you and give you some inspiration for how you want to decorate your home office.

Home office decor that goes with any style

There are a few key elements to every home office, and we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites that can work with any style of home decor. Finding the right office accessories can really give your room a more cohesive and polished look!

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16 Inspiring and Efficient Home Office Ideas featured on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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