5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Totally Transform a Kitchen


Ready for a fresh new look in your space, but lack the cash? Here are 5 budget-friendly ways to totally transform a kitchen.

Happy New Year! I’m Rita Joy from Harbour Breeze Home, and I’m starting off a fresh new year by talking kitchens. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have visions of my dream kitchen ~ the layout, white marbly countertops, and laughter around a giant island.

It’s delightful that dreaming doesn’t cost a cent. ‘Cause in my real world, my tiny townhouse kitchen is a fair bit different than my “dream kitchen”. Can you identify?

Rather than grumble and complain about the features that weren’t so appealing, a few weeks ago I set out to totally transform our kitchen ~ without spending too many pennies! In the end, we have a kitchen that feels more welcoming and functions so much better. Are you interested in having a new look and feel in your kitchen, too?

budget friendly ways to totally transform a kitchen

Here are 5 budget- friendly ways to totally transform a kitchen:

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1. Rearrange it.

Since we moved a few months ago, the layout of our kitchen items still wasn’t working. Drawers were piled deep with utensils and strainers; cookbooks were hidden in baskets in the living room; and the art of contortionism was required to reach my favorite soup pot from the deep recesses of the corner cupboard.

Taking the time to pull things out and arrange them in areas that made sense, made the kitchen function so much better!

2. Remove upper cabinetry and add shelves

I’m a huge fan of open cupboards in the kitchen. Although we couldn’t remove too many in our current situation, just taking down one made a big difference.

After looking over the kitchen carefully, we decided to remove one upper cupboard in the corner.

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Totally Transform a Kitchen


Once it was down, we patched the holes, primed, and painted.

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Totally Transform a Kitchen


Then, we installed two shelves we already had (from Ikea) in its place.

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Totally Transform a Kitchen


That one small change made such a huge difference in the feel of the space!

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Totally Transform a Kitchen

3. Paint it a color you love.

Our kitchen was of the builder beige variety. I didn’t realize how beige sucked the joy out of my soul until I tried to live with it. It just didn’t work with the long gray days of the Wet West Coast Winter where I live!

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Totally Transform a Kitchen

^Before / During^

Out came some leftover paint in a color I love (Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere), and in only a few hours, it had a much brighter, cheerier look!

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Totally Transform a Kitchen

4. Upgrade the kitchen sink tap.

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Totally Transform a Kitchen

Although it’s easy to overlook, having a lovely kitchen sink tap makes a big difference in the whole appearance and function of a kitchen. We kept our eye out for sales on gooseneck taps and snatched this one up for 50% off (about a $99 investment).

5. Add a window covering and some personality.

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Totally Transform a Kitchen


Placing a window covering above a window softens the space and can make it appear to be so much taller.

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Totally Transform a Kitchen

(You can find similar roman shade blinds at Home Depot.) Adding in decor that you love (like fake greenery, decor, mugs) gives the room your own stamp of personality.

We are still doing a little more kitchen dreaming (starting with disguising that oven vent!), but for now, these budget friendly tricks have completely transformed the space~ and made it feel more like “home”.

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What’s Next?

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  1. Amazing love this idea of budget kitchen superbly.. I love the bicycle design that you put on left upper side corner.

    Aasif Interior

  2. Hi, Carrie, thank you for the ideas!
    In our family, we hate routine and to look on the same things every day. That’s one of the reasons why we rearrange, for example, furniture from time to time. We’re also DIY-er so we make different things, also decorations to make rooms look a bit different. We believe that small things can change people’s mood, so we try to kinda refresh everything when it becomes too boring.
    I love that you removed upper cabinetry and added shelves. The room just feels brighter, there are more space. Also those little things like colorful dishes, decorations gives a cool vibe.
    I think we could to the same. So again thank you!

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