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Teacher Gift Card Holder
Gift Ideas

Teacher Gift Card Holder

Use this free printable teacher gift card holder to show a little gratitude to all the amazing educators around you! Teachers are definitely one of the most important figures in our children’s upbringing and they have such a critical job to do! I appreciate all their efforts and I think it’s always a good idea…

close up of wood bead wreath
Craft Ideas | Home Decor Ideas

Wood Bead Wreath

Let’s make a gorgeous DIY wood bead wreath with this quick and easy tutorial. Add your favorite flowers to compliment your home decor. Hello! Michelle back from Our Crafty Mom with a simple tutorial for a beautiful DIY wood bead wreath that you can make with just a few inexpensive supplies! Like many of you, the first…

Paper Roses
Craft Ideas

Paper Roses

These paper roses are simple to make and are great to use as decor or gifts. Hello, I’m Amy and I blog at about DIY and crafts. My sister is getting married later this year, and her and her fiance are really into books and games. She would like me to make her bouquets…