Celebrate Fall with 5 Inexpensive Items for Your Home


Celebrate the start of the new Fall season with these 5 inexpensive items for your home. They will help your space feel cozy and inspiring!

Hello, Friends! I’m Rita Joy from Harbour Breeze Home, and I’m so happy to be in your neighborhood today.

I’ve always loved the change from Summer to Fall. As a girl, I loved the new binders, books, and calendars that a new school year brought. Now as a housewife, I like to think of Fall as a new season for my home, too. It’s the perfect time to freshen up my home’s appearance and even set a few new routines.

Since my boys are past the back-to-school shopping stage, I instead did some Fall celebration shopping for my home. Without spending a lot of money, I brought home things that made my home feel fresher, and made me more excited for the new season and routines ahead.

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Here’s the 5 Items I Chose (all under $5!):

Fall Items for your Home

1. An Area Rug

Here’s a little assignment for you: Go around your house and look at all the little area rugs sitting around (like the one by your kitchen sink or the front door). How do they really look? I find that many need to be replaced every year or so. Do you have one that looks tired and dirty beyond cleaning? Let it go! And treat yourself to a fresh & clean new one. (This one was at Ikea, but these woven rugs on Amazon are similar.)

Fall Items for your Home

2. An Orb

I’ve been eyeing these fun little decor items for months. They come in all different colors and sizes and look so good in any decor ~ from Farmhouse to Modern. I put mine in my living room bookcase and love seeing it perched on the shelf. (This one was half price at Hobby Lobby, but you can also find metal spheres like this on Amazon.)

Fall Items for your Home

3. A Fun Container

Why put useful items in something boring and blah? I found this container that would be perfect for so many things ~ like pens & pencils in the office or spatulas in the kitchen. I chose to put a plant in it and set it on my bedroom shelf. It makes me smile! (This one is from Ikea, but Amazon has similar containers.)

Fall Items for your Home

4. A New Helpful Tool

Is there some inexpensive item that would make your life so much easier? For me, I found that my cutting board was always in the dishwasher when I needed it. By purchasing this inexpensive set of 2 , I find I save so much time in the kitchen. (And who doesn’t like that??) (These were from Ikea, but you can find tons of plastic cutting boards on Amazon.)

Fall Items for your Home

5. A Pretty Journal

I started journalling in January when I began a new healthy eating goal and routine. I got out of the habit of using it somewhere along the way, but pulled it out and am writing some new goals for the months ahead. In it, I will plan out meals and do a little dreaming for some business goals I have. Sometimes a pretty notebook and pen can be inspiring for us creative people. If you’re like that, too, treat yourself to a pretty journal! (This one was a gift from a friend.)

Do you like to reset your home and routines in Fall, too? If so, I’d love to know what you do by commenting below. Or feel free to come join the community on my Facebook page. I do lots of live videos there and answer reader questions, and I’d love to welcome you there. In fact, I did this live video talking about what I just wrote about (with one more extra favorite thing!):

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!

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