Christmas Book Tradition: Four Ideas to Get a Jumpstart Now


If you want to start a Christmas book tradition of opening one book every night from December 1 until Christmas, get a jumpstart now for next year.

Christmas book tradition

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In December, I shared how our family has a Christmas book tradition of opening a book each night from December 1 until Christmas. If you want to implement this idea for next Christmas, now is a great time to get started. Amy from Ohio recently wrote to say:

amysbooks“Hi Carrie! Wanted to let you know….I’m using your book idea next year! I started it about half way thru December this year. I also added to my collection this year with a Scholastic order from [my daughter’s] school! I also took your idea of getting them wrapped this year and packed away. Just finished wrapping this morning!!! Here’s a pic! One thing I’ll need to figure out for next year…and I’m guessing you will in the future too… maybe altering who opens the book each night… their age they both love opening gifts!!! This year, since we started late- they each got one each night. ..but next year to avoid arguments we might have to set a rule from beginning!!”

We love hearing from Kenarry readers when they try one of our ideas and were thrilled that Amy’s family enjoyed the Christmas book tradition so much. Here are four ideas to get your own Christmas book tradition started for next year:

1. Start the Christmas book tradition by finding the Christmas books you already have on your shelves.

Hunt through all of your children’s books and set aside any Christmas books you already have in your collection. If you don’t have 25 books for the Christmas book tradition, then grab all the winter, penguin, snowman, etc books you can find as those will work too.

2. Ask your friends about their favorite Christmas books.

While Christmas is still fresh on everyone’s mind, ask your friends what their children’s favorite Christmas books were this year. This will give you some great ideas of what books to buy between now and next December. Amy from Ohio said her children loved Snowmen at Work by Caralyn Buehner because there were hidden pictures on every page.

3. Add to your Christmas book tradition by hitting the clearance racks at your local stores.

End of season sales are in full force this month as retailers look to get rid of all their Christmas merchandise. Go to your local bookstore and find some great low cost Christmas books to beef up your collection. Also, look for some fun Christmas bins or baskets that you can use to display the books during the Christmas season (see my previous blog post for more about this).

4. Wrap the Christmas books and put them away.

While you’re looking at the clearance racks, be sure to pick up some inexpensive Christmas wrapping paper at the store too. You can wrap the books this month as you’re putting away the rest of your Christmas decor. When the busy holiday season starts again, you’ll be glad you took a moment to wrap the books now.

With these four easy ideas, you’ll have your new Christmas book tradition ready to go come December 1! Please comment below and let us know if you start this tradition with your family too. We’d love to know what your family’s favorite Christmas books are.

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  1. I so love this idea. Anything we can do to encourage our children to read is a plus in my book! I also like the tip about buying the books off season to find great deals and wrapping them in advance to save time later!!! I think for my boys I’ll try to incorporate a number of faith based books mixed in with the Santa and reindeer books to work in a little religion. I can’t wait to start this tradition! Thank you for sharing!

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