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Create a beautiful Coastal Sunburst Mirror to add some nautical decor to your home this summer. It would look gorgeous on a mantel or in an entryway.

Good Morning, Kenarry readers! I’m Sondra Lyn from Sondra Lyn at Home, where my goal is to help you find more contentment in your life, to inspire you to follow your dreams and your passions, and to nurture your creative side. As part of The Kenarry Creative Team 2015, today I am honored to bring to you my Coastal Sunburst Mirror.

Coastal Sunburst Mirror - Sondra-Lyn-at-Home

For our summer mantel this year, I wanted to add a coastal feel. Not quite ‘beachy’, but still with some nautical elements. And I needed a centerpiece. Something large to hang over the mantel that would anchor the whole arrangement. Since I love sunburst mirrors, I decided to create one with a coastal vibe.

Coastal Sunburst Mirror

For this mirror, you will need:

Supplies for Coastal Sunburst Mirror- Sondra Lyn at Home

To make the mirror:

You will assemble the mirror part of this project first and then attach it to the wispy wreath. Before beginning to glue, lay the charger on top of the wreath just to make sure that the size is large enough to fill up the inside of the wreath. Then, on a work surface, glue the mirror in the center of the front side of the charger with a small bead of glue. The next photo shows the round mirror glued to the front of the charger (notice how my camera focused on the ceiling and wall reflection, rather than the edge of the charger!).

Coastal Sunburst Mirror- --Sondra Lyn at Home

Next, attach the rope to the charger mirror. Because the rope is thick, and you want the look of concentric circles, you’re going to want to glue 4 separate lengths of rope to your charger. Before gluing, lay a piece of rope around the perimeter of the charger and cut to size. Flip the charger mirror over to the underside and run a thin bead of glue around the perimeter and glue the first length of rope to the outside edge of the charger. You will also want all the joints of each section of rope to line up because you’re going to wrap the joints with lengths of twine. Flip the charger back on its right side.

Begin to glue on your remaining lengths of rope: Run another bead of glue near the first round of rope and glue the next one on (you may have to glue as you go and cut the rope when you see where it meets the other end – DO NOT OVERLAP ENDS OF ROPE). Continue until you have 4 rounds of rope (since you have one round kind of in the back, from the front of the mirror, it will look more like 3 rounds).

Coastal Sunburst Mirror-Applying Rope - Sondra Lyn at Home

This is the next step I would take if I did this again. I waited until the end to glue and ‘wrap’ the joints of the rope with twine (as shown in the following collage), but this is an alternate method: Cut about 20 5-inch lengths of twine. Run a small bead of hot glue in a straight line just inside the mirror’s edge. Glue the lengths of twine, jammed up side by side, underneath where the joints of rope will be.

If you glued down the twine already, you can just bring all those pieces tightly around to the back of the charger and glue to the back. The way I did it was to glue the twine lengths to a thin piece of craft paper and slide it up under the 4th piece of rope, gluing it to the mirror, then wrapping it around to the back side of the charger. You can do it either way, just so long as the twine covers the joints of the rope circles.

Make a Coastal Sunburst Mirror-- - Sondra Lyn at Home

You’re almost done! Now, all you have to do is position the mirror on top of your wreath and glue it down where it touches. Easy peasy! The wreath has a metal ring in the back that you can hang it from, so you don’t have to worry about attaching a hanger to your sunburst mirror.

Coastal Sunburst Mirror

And there you are… a gorgeous sunburst mirror with a coastal feel! I used craft store coupons to purchase the more expensive elements of this design, and here is the cost breakdown:

  • Wreath – $12.50 (reg $24.99 / 50% off)
  • Mirror – $3.99
  • Rope – $10.19 (reg. $16.99 / 40% off for a roll of 98 feet – enough for lots of projects!)
  • already had the charger, twine, glue gun and sticks

I think it turned out great for a cost of about $26! And really, the cost is closer to $18, because it only takes about 1/7th of the roll of rope, or about $1.50 worth of rope, and there is plenty left for more projects!

Make a Coastal Sunburst Mirror -- Sondra Lyn at Home

Well, this was great fun! I hope you’ll join me right here on the 4th Wednesday of every month! If you enjoyed this Coastal Sunburst Mirror, you may want to check out my entire Coastal Vibe Summer Mantel and here are some of my other projects that you might be interested in:

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Hope you’re having a great June! See you in July!!


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  1. Love the Coastal Sunburst Mirror. I would have never thought to affix the mirror to a charger. Great idea! I’m thinking of using a sort of nautical theme in our bathroom and this mirror would be a great addition. Thanks for the tutorial!

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