12 Ways To Disinfect Your Home With Vinegar


You can disinfect your home with just vinegar, and this is how to do it! This is what you need to kill viruses and bacteria in your house.

When you just can’t get to the store and need to use things around your house to disinfect, this is how you do it. With just vinegar and a few other ingredients, you can go on a germ-killing spree and clean your entire house.

12 Ways to Disinfect Your Home with Vinegar

How do you disinfect your house when you run out of antibacterial wipes and all-purpose cleaner? Do homemade cleaners work just as well as the ones you can buy from the store?

I wondered these questions too, as I went to the store and looked for germ-killing antibacterial gels and sprays but they were sold out. Hi, this is Annie from Venture1105 and I am thrilled to share with you a few things I discovered about the wonders of vinegar!

How To Disinfect Your Home With Vinegar

Does vinegar disinfect and kill germs?

Research proves that vinegar is effective against the flu virus and other household pathogens. While commercial disinfectants work faster, vinegar is still effective.

Scientists also proved it can kill the bacteria that cause tuberculosis. It takes 30 minutes of exposure for it to kill this bacteria, but it worked.

Read on to discover tons of clever ways to use vinegar around your home to kill all the germs. As you do, please remember one very important thing.

Do not mix vinegar and bleach or vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Combining the two in the same container creates peracetic acid, which can irritate your skin and eyes.

1.3-Ingredient Antibacterial spray

You can use this spray on anything from door handles to your tabletops. It has just three ingredients – vinegar, essential oils, and water. Essential oils, like vinegar, are antimicrobial. They are excellent to use around the house.

Learn how to make your own in this tutorial.

2.DIY Disinfecting Wipes

I love disinfecting wipes. I grab them every once in a while to quickly wipe down the doorknobs or the toilet seat. Luckily, I found a really helpful tutorial that uses vinegar, rubbing alcohol and essential oils. You can make reusable wipes or use paper towels and throw them away.

Make your own stash of disinfecting wipes with this tutorial.

3.Naturally Wash Mirrors and Glass

Vinegar can also disinfect your mirrors and windows. The secret to a streak-free clean is to add some dish soap. When I was young, my mom used newspapers instead of paper towels to fight streaks too.

Mix up your own DIY glass cleaner from this tutorial.

4.Make Your Own Pine Cleaner

You can even make your own pine-scented cleaner out of vinegar. This smells divine when you use it to clean your kitchen or bathroom. It uses real pine leaves. If you don’t have a pine tree nearby. go for a walk, it’s worth it for this recipe.

This tutorial explains how to make the best all-natural pine cleaner.

5.Homemade shower cleaner

If you run out of shower spray, don’t fret. Just make this DIY cleaner out of vinegar and dish soap. It will cut through the soap scup and leave your shower sparkling clean!

With this tutorial, you can make your own shower cleaner out of vinegar.

6.All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

I love a good antibacterial spray. You can use this spray on every single surface in your home. It’s safe to use around pets and babies.

It’s simple when you follow this tutorial.

7.Remove pesticides from fruit and vegetables

Sure, we can all try to eat organic, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Thankfully, soaking your veggies in vinegar and salt will eat away at any residue left on them.

This is how to make your own pesticide-remover.

8.Clean the dishwasher

While the inside of your dishwasher might not need to be disinfected it could still use a good cleaning. Vinegar is good for that. It will remove hard water buildup and keep your machine working like new.

Check out how easy it is to make your own dishwasher cleaner.

9.DIY Vinegar Citrus Spray

How do you keep your vinegar cleaners from smelling like pickles? Easy! You just need to add some natural additives, like orange peels. Trust me, when you clean with this spray, you’ll love how it smells!

DIY citrus cleaner

Make your own easy vinegar citrus spray.

10.Clean Copper pots

Get out the vinegar and salt and be ready to be amazed! It can even shine up your copper pots. Even pots that you thought were beyond hope.

Check out how easy it is to use vinegar to clean your copper pots.

11.Disinfect your floors with vinegar

Vinegar can also be used in a DIY floor cleaner. I love the combination in this article. It leaves floors smelling clean and looking streak-free. Compare this to any floor cleaner you have.

This is how to make your own floor cleaner out of vinegar.

12. Clean Out Your Microwave

Finally, vinegar can also help you clean out your microwave without having to scrub. This is one of my favorite hacks because I hate cleaning out the microwave. With vinegar, the chore is a breeze.

Just look at how easy it is to clean your microwave with vinegar.

Disinfect Your Home: One Step at a time

You don’t need a ton of cleaning products to disinfect your home. Turns out, you just need a few things, and you probably already have them in your pantry!

Vinegar is an amazing product. You can cook with it and even clean with it! I hope these tips helped you find new ways to use this genius liquid.

Vinegar Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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