16 DIY Crafts For Home Decor


Spruce up your home with these creative DIY crafts for home decor. Making your own home decor is fun and can help you save money too.

What adds more pop to your home than some personalized decor you made yourself? Try any one of these DIY crafts for home decor and give your space new life.

16 DIY Crafts for Home Decor featured on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

More DIY Crafts for Home Decor

What is the best way to decorate your home and make it completely your own? My favorite way is by adding DIY crafts for home decor like pillows, wall decor, and blankets.

Set your home apart from the rest by creating your own decorations. Every single one of these ideas was submitted by the bloggers. Go visit their tutorials for some genius ideas that will add beauty to your space.

1.) How to Redo Wicker Chairs

The first DIY craft for home decor gives wicker furniture new life.

Do you have any old wicker chairs that you want to keep, but they have seen better days? Use this tutorial to make them look like new.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

Default Alt Text

2.) DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Turn a plain boring bulletin board into something that reflects your personality! This DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board project includes step-by-step directions making this a simple and fun project for anyone!

Get directions: Carrie This Home

Easy DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

3.) DIY Roped Napkin Rings

Create these minimal napkin rings while recycling toilet paper rolls. These napkin rings are great to add to your modern, understated home decor and only take a few minutes to make.

Get directions: www.sparkandchemistry.com

Blue napkins with DIY roped napkin rings around them

4.) Terra Cotta Pot Wreath

What better way to bring on the spring and summer sun, warmer weather and the desire to plant some pretty flowers than with a miniature flower pot door wreath?

This is one of the best DIY crafts for home decor because it is so versatile. Use your favorite colors to personalize this larger-than-life wreath.

Get directions: DazzleWhileFrazzled

Pastel-colored wreath made out of terra cotta pots

5.) Blossom Doily Pillow Pattern

Sew a beautiful round décor pillow from this free pattern. The pillow cover is easy to remove for washings and the pretty crochet doilies in the center make this pillow an eye catcher.

Get directions: DIY Crush

Blossom Doily Pillow Sewing Pattern

6.) Butterfly Breakfast Tray

Turn a few pieces of wood into a beautiful butterfly tray that’s perfect for entertaining or jazzing up your home decor. You can finish it with a thick coat of glossy decoupage medium or give it a dazzling glass like finish with a layer of resin.

Get directions: Mark Montano Blogs

Learn how to make a breakfast try like this one - with butterfly prints

7.) Inexpensive Centerpiece Idea

Here’s a simple, inexpensive centerpiece that will add a big pop of color to your table. You can recreate for only a few dollars. All you need is a container and some silk flowers to arrange.

Get directions: Jenny Louise Marie

Red flowers in a centerpiece

8.) Easy Breakfast Tray Makeover from Thrift Store

There are so many pressed metal trays at the thrift store for pennies. Buy a few of them and give them a makeover with a little high gloss paint and some colorful fabric, you can make an entire set of matching trays to use year round.

Get directions: Mark Montano Blogs

Thrift Store Tray Makeover

9.) Make an Arm Knit Throw Blanket

Make this easy DIY arm knit throw in just 90 minutes for under $40. All you need is some chunky yarn and a few basic skills! This is so fun and easy. It costs a fraction of what you would have paid if you had purchased it and it’s super cozy!

Get directions: Love of Home

Chunky Arm Knit Throw

10.) Make Bath Decor from Scrap Wood and Fabric

This project uses scrap wood and fabric to create simple, but elegant decor for a bathroom – or any room. You will need fabric, a staple gun, a piece of wood, and about five minutes to finish your project.

Get directions: DIY Danielle

Easy Bath Decor for the walls made out of wood scraps and fabric

11.) Upcycled Ceiling Fan Blades Into Wall Decor

Have you ever wondered what to do with an old ceiling fan? Reuse the blades to make some coffee-themed wall decor. This is such a genius DIY craft for home decor idea from Repurposing Junkie.

The ends of the fan blade were cut, painted, stenciled, and handles were added. These coffee cups are perfect for decorating your kitchen or dining area.

Get directions: Repurposing Junkie

Ceiling Fan Blades into Coffee Cups

12.) Japanese Tie Dye Shibori Napkins with Sharpies

Make these blue and white Japanese Tie Dye Shibori Napkins using this faux Sharpie tie dye technique. You can create your own one-of-a-kind home décor. All you need is an hour or two, cloth napkins, permanent markers and rubbing alcohol.

Get directions: Organized 31

Japanese Tie Dye Shibori Napkins

13.) Boho Chandelier from Tomato Cages

Use a tomato cage and inexpensive fabric to create a boho light-up chandelier that would be perfect for a day to night wedding! Even changes colors.

Get directions: Mark Montano Blogs

Light-Up Boho Chandelier

14.) DIY Candle Holders From Saucers

Have you ever seen those antique candleholders that people used to keep beside their beds at night? You can recreate one with just an old saucer bought at a thrift store.

Get directions: Nur noch

Saucer candleholder

15.) Spring Mason Jar Vases

With just mason jars, strips of fabric, and Mod Podge, you can create some beautiful vases that will brighten up your decor this Spring! It’s an easy and quick craft even your kiddos can help with!

Get directions: Dwelling in Happiness

Spring Mason Jar Vases

16.) Spring Cake Platter Decor

Look for an old cake platter at Goodwill – even if it isn’t in great shape. With a coat of pretty blue paint, you can transform the cake platter into a fun decoration for spring. Top it off with some egg-shaped soaps to really get the spring look!

Get directions: Green With Decor

Update an old cake platter for a spring look

17.) Watermelon bowls

For some summertime fun, paint your dishes to look like watermelons. This is perfect for backyard cookouts or just to welcome summertime.

Get the directions: Mark Montano

Bowls painted to look like watermelons.

Make Your Home Beautiful

Now that you have some DIY crafts from home decor ideas, start decorating and crafting. If you make any of these, share them with us on Instagram using #Kenarry. We would love to see them.

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