25 DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Tackle in A Weekend


Save money by refinishing and repurposing old furniture. These DIY home decor projects are so easy you can tackle them in just one weekend.

How do you turn old furniture into something new and beautiful? All you need is the right tutorial and a couple of days to do them. These DIY home decor projects will inspire your next furniture makeover.

25 Inspiring Furniture and DIY Decor Projects You Can Tackle in a Weekend featured on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

DIY Home Decor Projects

These DIY home decor projects will save you a bunch of money. You’ll learn how to take used and loved furniture and make them look like new!

Whether you are repurposing, upcycling, or just redoing something, you’ll find something genius in this list.

1. Turn a desk into a coffee station

The first DIY home decor project is turning a simple desk into a vintage coffee station. Follow this tutorial and you’ll have a new-to-you piece of furniture you’ll love and use.

Get the directions: Grandma’s House DIY

2. Makeover a mirrored closet door

If you have a closet door that you want to update, follow this tutorial. Create your own DIY mirrored closet door.

Get directions: The Honeycomb Home

3. refurnish a nightstand

Turn a roadside rescue into a funky nightstand with paint and fabric decoupaged right to the drawer fronts. A great way to cover up scratches and dents in used furniture.

Get directions: Mark Montano

4. Redo a coffee table

If you need a new coffee table for your outdoor space, avoid investing in something terribly expensive. This tutorial will show you how to give a used coffee table a rustic makeover that will age well with sun and rain.

Get directions: Mark Montano

5. Paint Your Dining Table

The table was gifted and the cross back chairs found at a thrift store. They were unified into a set with white chalk paint and the chairs upholstered in a bold floral print. The table top was stained and dry brushed in layers and a stenciled doily was added to the middle for an extra touch.

Get directions: The Interior Frugalista

6. Build a tablecloth bar

Create an easy fitted tablecloth to make cleaning your bar a breeze. This easy to sew tablecloth adds style and personality to your bar area. Make one for every season and holiday.

Get directions: DIY Danielle

7. Make a Marimekko bench

If you are a big Marimekko fan and especially love their iconic Unikko print, then this tutorial is for you. Instead of just painting a neglected bench in your garden you should Marimekko it ! Use some Unikko napkins to upcycle and decorate your bench.

Get directions: Pillar Box Blue

8. DIY wood block headboard

For a fantastic effect, make this super easy wood block headboard for under $80! The possibilities are endless to customize this idea. A square post, a piece of plywood, and stain is practically all it takes to make a great looking headboard.

Get directions: Flipping the Flip

9. Build barnwood bookshelves

These bookshelves are both modern and rustic. They are perfect in your office, especially if you have an extensive library. Just screw basic L brackets into the studs and the books hide them to give the impression the reclaimed barn wood shelves are floating!

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

10. upcycle a radio stand

It is so easy to turn a radio stand into a functional kitchen island. Just follow this tutorial for something that you’ll never guess is an antique.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

11. Paint a rocking chair

This was a very large and extremely sturdy rocking chair that could be picked up at an estate sale for $25. If you have an old rocking chair that could use some work, follow this easy tutorial.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

12. repurpose a buffet

This old claw foot buffet makeover will leave you speechless – it’s gorgeous!

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

13. Create fun new Outdoor seating

It’s easy to create rustic outdoor seating out of old chairs and barn wood. It’s definitely a conversation-starter!

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

14. easy dresser makeover

Take an old dresser and give it an updated look with some spray paint and new hardware. Without too much time and effort, the dresser will look like a new piece!

Get directions: Green With Decor

15. pearl resin table makeover

Upstyle a simple side table with gold paint, pearl trim and resin. Chic enough for your home or magical enough for the little princess in your life.

Get directions: Mark Montano

16. Old dresser facelift

This tutorial will show you how to refurbish a solid wood dresser and make it look brand new. This is especially helpful if you have furniture you inherited from family.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

17. decorate a modern teen bedroom

Colorful Modern Teen Bedroom

Another weekend project could be redecorating a bedroom. This post will show you the must-have products for a modern and chic teen bedroom that will grow up with your child.

Get directions: White Cottage Home and Living

18. Curiosity cabinet makeover

If you found an old hutch, turn it into a curiosity cabinet. Choose your favorite colors and make it really pop with all of your collections and knick knacks.

Get directions: Mark Montano

19. Create a kids book nook

Turn an unused closet into a fun and colorful Dr. Seuss themed book nook with plenty of book storage and a custom bench.

Get directions: Uncookie Cutter

20. Farmhouse style hutch

You can easily create your own stunning farmhouse style hutch out of an old cabinet. It’s beautiful and can be redone in just a few days.

Get directions: Virginia Sweet Pea

21. DIY Glitter Striped table

Turn a boring dining table into a glitter and gold striped delight. Liven up your dining experience inside or take it outside for a fun addition to your patio.

Get directions: Mark Montano

22. Build your own TV Wall cabinet

You can build a simple cabinet for under $30. It’s perfect, holds and hides everything! This is a really fun and easy IKEA hack!

Get directions: Flipping the Flip

23. Make your own Glamorous dresser

It’s amazing what a little black paint will do to transform a dresser! The stunning color will create a sense of glamour. If you love glitz and glitter, then check out this tutorial for how to paint a glamorous dresser.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

24. Make a side table out of vintage suitcases

If you ever find a vintage suitcase in a thrift shop, grab it! You can upcycle it into a fabulous side table. Add some extra character to the case with some vintage luggage labels. You can download these vintage luggage labels on the Pillar Box Blue blog for free. This vintage suitcase looks great either as a bedside table or a coffee table. It’s also really useful for to store stuff like magazines.

Get directions: Pillar Box Blue

25. DIY Oak dresser makeover

Finally, give an old oak dresser a breath of new life! Add some wheels so it is more portable and see how easy it is to refinish it so it looks like new.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

26. DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Bonus! We found even more home decor projects for you. Try this one – it’s super easy and fantastic for DIY beginners.

Get the directions: Creative Homemaking

27. Easy Pendant Lamp

Easy Pendant Lamp from Mark Montano

Choose your own coordinating prints and colors and create something that can go inside or outside.

It’s super versatile and brings color and vitality to any room.

Get the directions: Mark Montano.

28. Vintage Suitcases into a side table

Making a Vintage Suitcase Side Table

This side table is interesting and incredibly easy to make. It fits in any decor theme too.

Get the directions: Recreated Designs

Weekend home decor projects

If you need another dresser or a side table, don’t buy new. All of these tutorials show you how easy it is to take something that is used and pretty inexpensive and make it look brand new.

Take a weekend and do a project with someone. You’ll have a ton of fun and have a new piece of furniture at the end!

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25 Inspiring Furniture and DIY Home Decor Projects featured on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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