DIY Mirror Upcycle: Transform Your Old Plastic Mirrors


This simple DIY mirror upcycle idea is so easy (& cheap) to do. Learn how to turn ugly old plastic thrift store mirrors into beautiful and versatile decor pieces for your home.

Hello, Kenarry friends!  It’s Sam here from A Happy Home In Holland and I’m glad to be back (as always) to share this simple DIY mirror upcycle idea with you all.  This one is definitely one of those projects that you get maximum impact with minimum effort. That’s always good in my book!

Thrift Store Plastic Mirror Upcyle - Learn how to makeover those old ugly plastic mirrors into beautiful and chic home decor idea.

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I think nothing looks more classy than a touch of gold (if done right).

And those who know me know that I love to upcycle things using gold spray paint.

In fact, some might say I am a little too enthusiastic with my can of gold spray.  But at the end of the day, a simple spray job can make the ugliest and most mundane objects look fabulous.

Today I thought I would show you the before and after of my lovely gold mirror.

It started out as a really ugly cheap looking plastic mirror but with a little TLC (and some gold spray paint!) it was transformed into a beautiful chic looking home décor accent for our home.

Thrift Store Plastic Mirror Upcyle - Learn how to makeover those old ugly plastic mirrors into beautiful and chic home decor idea.

I actually have two of them.  I scored a smaller white one a while back at the thrift store and after spraying it I was absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.  So, needless to say, I was pretty pleased with myself when I found an even bigger one (the brown plastic one shown below).

DIY Mirror Upcycle

Thrift Store Plastic Mirror Upcyle - Learn how to makeover those old ugly plastic mirrors into beautiful and chic home decor idea.

This is not exactly a tutorial as it is pretty easy to do but I thought I would just share the process so you can see what it looked like and how I did it.

Prepping The Mirror

Firstly, I removed the mirror from the frame and washed the frame down in warm soapy water.

I dried it with a tea towel and then left it a bit longer to ensure that it was bone dry.

DIY Mirror Upcycle - Learn how to transform old plastic thrift store mirrors into modern home decor accents using gold paint.

Spray Painting The Mirror

Next, I laid it on some old newspapers and sprayed thin layers, allowing about 15 minutes drying time in between each layer.  It took me about 4-5 layers to completely cover the mirror frame (you may need more layers depending on the spray paint brand you are using).

After allowing it to dry overnight, I gave the mirror a really good clean and replaced it back in the frame.

Displaying The Mirror

At the moment I have them displayed in the lounge.  The larger one is mounted above a side table on a white painted brick wall  And the smaller one is just around the corner on the wall next to the fireplace.

Every season I like to change the décor that I have on the side table below the mirror.  I really love how versatile the mirror is.  It always looks great through every season, mixed and matched with various seasonal decor accents.

Thrift Store Plastic Mirror Upcyle - Learn how to makeover those old ugly plastic mirrors into beautiful and chic home decor idea.

I do hope this little DIY mirror upcycle has inspired you a little.

Another idea I have for these mirrors is to make a gallery wall with them.

I have been keeping my eye out in the thrift shops trying to find some more different sized mirrors and other items that I can display together with them.  Luckily, the outdoor street markets and garage sales will be starting here soon so this shouldn’t take too long.

Looking to add some sconces to your gallery wall? These Easy DIY Wood Wall Sconces couldn’t get much easier to make.

Once I have completed my gallery wall, I will be sharing it over on my site.  So make sure you visit once in a while (or better still sign up for the A Happy Home In Holland Newsletter) to see when it is done.

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  1. Awesome! Love how as simple as repainting can make a piece look so elegant. Spray paints are definitely my best friend!Thanks for sharing Sam! But, did the paint last long?

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