DIY Painted Glass Vases For Fall


Use old glass jars and craft paint to create DIY Painted Glass Vases for fall. It’s a very simple, yet beautiful DIY project idea for a fall centerpiece.

Hi Kenarry readers – I’m Lori from Greco Design Company back again to share a very simple DIY project that will be a great solution for a fall centerpiece. Painted glass vases are so pretty and when grouped together they can really make a statement. And what I love about this project is that it only uses old glass jars and craft paint- that’s it!

DIY painted glass vases with fall colors makes an easy, inexpensive centerpiece.

Easy dIY fall decor

One of my favorite things about fall is redecorating my home. I love all the fall colors! These vases are a really simple way to bring out the color theme in your room.

I used the colors of fall for these vases but I did add a pop of an unexpected color because I just love blue. But you can change the colors and personalize them for any occasion – reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day would be so pretty too.

DIY painted glass vases in beautiful fall colors with a pop of blue.

How to make dIY painted fall vases for fall

This entire craft project takes almost no time at all. Follow along as I show you the step-by-step directions.

upcycle glass food jars into beautiful painted vases

1. Find glass vases

Gather a few glass bottles in various sizes and shapes. I had a few small bud vases and I also used old food bottles {soy sauce, soda and cocktail sauce ones are great}. 

2. clean the jars and remove the labels

Clean your jars by soaking them in very hot, soapy water. Then peel off the labels as best as you can. For stuck on glue, use a light scrubbing pad. Be sure your bottles are completely dry before applying the paint.

Martha Stewart craft paint colors for fall

3. choose the paint colors for the vases

Then, choose your paint colors. I love using seasonal colors but mixing it up a bit by adding an unexpected pop of color. The Caribbean blue color was the perfect compliment to all the orange and brown tones. You could also do the ombre look and get one color in varying shades.

painting glass vases in fall colors

4. Pour the paint into the bottles

This is the fun part. Your kids can help squirt the paint into the bottles.

painting glass jars to make beautiful fall vases

5. Roll the bottles around to distribute it

To color your bottles, simply pour a few tablespoons of paint into your bottle. Roll your bottle around to evenly distribute your paint along the sides. I had to tap the side of the bottle against my hand to help spread the paint around too.

painted glass jars tipped over to dry.

6. Set the bottles upside down to dry

When the sides of your bottle are painted, set them upside down to remove any excess paint. I used a cookie rack on top of a baking sheet covered in wax paper. After about a day, I turned the bottles right side up to help speed up the drying time. Your bottles will need about 2-3 days to fully dry.

DIY painted glass jars with wood round for a beautiful fall centerpiece.

what to put inside painted glass vases

These DIY Painted Glass Vases look perfect with some twigs and fall clippings – or you can fill them with other options like feathers and flags. Be sure not to fill them with water though – or any other liquid; the paint will pull away from the sides of the bottle.

DIY painted glass vases for a fall centerpiece.

I just love the colorful, finished look of these vases. I put 6 of them on this wood pedestal I got at Michael’s {$8.99 with coupon} and it’s an instant fall centerpiece.

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  1. Love this tutorial, Lori! I recently painted an assortment of glass vases as well, but I simply spray painted them. I love this idea and the look of the glass. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am just starting to decorate my apartment and I would to add so cute glass vases on my newly installed shelf. I love your idea about painting the vase to give it a pop of color. I’ll have to save this post so that I can refer back to it for directions once I find a glass vase to use. Thank you for sharing, I am excited to get started!

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