DIY Pom Pom Spring Buds


Create your own fun and everlasting spring arrangement with colorful pom poms and twigs you find in your own yard!

Hi Kenarry readers, it’s Lori here again from Greco Design Company and I’m sharing a fun DIY project that will add a little spring touch to your home! And if you’re like me, my home needs a spring touch!!

DIY pom pom spring buds with twigs

I love to decorate with natural items like sticks, berries, flowers, and greenery but sometimes these natural items don’t bring us the full color we want – or the color doesn’t last. So I decided to add my own colorful spring “buds” to some sticks I found in my yard. I love the burst of color and the combination of natural and synthetic materials. It makes for a very fun spring arrangement.

detail of pom pom buds on twigs

Here are the super-easy steps to create your own pom pom spring buds:

materials to make pom pom spring buds

Step 1. First, collect your materials: I gathered sticks from my yard and made sure they were in good shape, had a lot of stems and not a lot of mossy or wet areas. I also bought these pom moms at Michael’s, and of course, grabbed my trusty glue gun.

twigs make great materials for DIY projects including these pom pom buds

Step 2. I broke the weaker branches and stems off the sticks so they were a little more manageable to work with.

making pom pom buds with twigs

Step 3. Glue your pom poms onto the sticks starting at the top. I put most of mine at the end of any stems and then along the base of the stick where I thought buds would grow but there’s really no wrong place to put the pom poms. Just spread them out to create a pleasing arrangement.

detail of pom pom spring buds on twigs

Step 4. When you have all the sticks done, find a fun vase to display your colorful creations. I used a large glass vase and put some dark gray rocks and gravel along the bottom to add a solid base.

DIY pom pom spring buds with found twigs

These colorful buds work perfectly next to my rainbow connection print! Now I just need spring to be here.

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