DIY Succulent Plant Display: Stylish Coastal Decor Idea


This contemporary DIY succulent plant display is pretty stylish and with the little coastal twist, it makes a great summer home decor accent.  It doesn’t cost much to make as you only need a few supplies and it’s super simple!

Hello Kenarry friends, I’m Sam from A Happy Home In Holland and I am back again here at Kenarry to share another one of my super simple home decor ideas.

Simple & Stylish DIY Succulent Plant Display Idea

I don’t know about you but I am a total succulent plant junkie.

I can never resist buying new ones.  And I often spend far too long mooning over all the fab ideas and DIY succulent plant displays over on Pinterest and across the internet.

Simple & Stylish DIY Succulent Plant Display Idea

Last year I tried propagating some new succulent plants and it worked really well giving me lots of new little plants to use for projects like this (I will be sharing a tutorial how to do this over on the Happy Home In Holland site in the coming months).

DIY Succulent Plant Display

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What you need:

Simple & Stylish DIY Succulent Plant Display Idea


Planting Your Succulents

Step 1. Wash and dry your glassware.

Step 2. Fill 3 of the little square votives with compost.

Step 3. Gently pull individual succulents out of the pot trying to keep as much of the root intact as possible.

Step 4. Place succulents into the compost in the votives and add a little extra compost with your fingers to cover the roots.

Step 5. Dust away any surplus compost from the top of the glass and add a little bit of water.

Arranging Your Votives

Step 6. Now turn your empty square glass votive upside down and place in the middle of your large rectangular glass vase (this is to raise your middle succulent plant votive up – you may want to add a glue dot just to stop your filled votive sliding off when you move the vase).

Simple & Stylish DIY Succulent Plant Display Idea

Step 7. Place the 3 filled votives inside the vase and pour in the small white stones into the bottom, spread it around and push it up to cover the up-turned votive.

Step 8. Next, take your white wooden rectangular tray, place your glass vase in the middle and then add the larger white stones to the outside gaps on the tray.

Simple & Stylish DIY Succulent Plant Display Idea - Click For Tutorial

Step 9. And last but not least (this step is optional) take your starfish and shells and dress it up a bit for the summer!

I have displayed mine on our kitchen bench to carry the coastal theme that I have got going on at the moment in our open plan kitchen and living area.

I love how it has turned out and think I’ll probably use the rest of the succulent plants that I propagated to make another Succulent Plant Wreath (<—click for tutorial ) for the garden.

So what do you think?

If you do like this DIY succulent plant display idea, then by all means, please do share it on your social media accounts 🙂

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Simple & Stylish DIY Succulent Plant Display Idea

You can find more of my tutorials and ideas for the home over on the A Happy Home In Holland website.

If you do stop by, please be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think – I really would love to hear from you!


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