DIY Tassel Keychains 15-Minute Craft


Learn how to make your own DIY Tassel Keychains with fun colorful beads and embroidery thread. These make great Mother’s Day gifts for that special someone!

Hi all! It’s Lori from Greco Design Company here today to share with you my DIY Tassel Keychains. These are fun, super trendy items that can be used for so many different purposes – and would make really sweet gifts for Mother’s Day or for that special teacher too!

DIY Tassel Keychains with beads and charms

Simple DIY Embellished Tassels

I’ve seen these embellished tassels everywhere – on necklaces, attached to purse zippers, on sandals, and as keychains. I love them! And you can really have fun making them and adding some beads or charms to make them more personal.

Today, I’ll show you the step-by-step technique that I thought worked best. Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, these would be such a thoughtful gift for the special mom, sister, daughter, grandmother or friend in your life.

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materials needed to make your own tassel keychains


  • Embroidery thread in the color(s) you choose (I used 2 or 3 packs her tassel)
  • White hemp fine cord
  • Gold metallic stringing .003 (found at Michael’s but not online)
  • Large clasp or lobster clasp with split key ring (found at Michael’s but not online)
  • Various beads
  • Monogram beads
  • Scissors

How To Make Tassel Keychains

Just follow these simple steps to make your own DIY keychains with tassels. It will only take you 10 minutes.

DIY tassel keychains with hemp cord tie

1. Loop The Hemp Cord Through the Keychain

First, cut a piece of the hemp cord about 12-inches long and loop it through the bottom ring of the clasp. Tuck the ends through the loop and pull until tight.

Threading beads on a DIY key chain

2. Thread the Beads

Thread your beads through the hemp cord as you’d like them. The more beads you use, the longer the keychain will be. I used anywhere from 3-5 beads on my keychains.

DIY tassel keychain with beads and embroidery thread

3. Layer the embroidery thread

Next, take your embroidery thread and slide the wrappers off. They’re already wrapped in a 6-inch loop so just layer your colors on top of each other and tie the ends of the hemp cord tightly around the center of the threads. Trim the leftover hemp cord.

DIY kassel keychains with beads and embroidery thread

4. Tie the hemp cord around the thread

Then, fold the two ends of the embroidery thread down and tie another piece of hemp cord down around the folded thread – about 1/2″ down. Tie 2 knots and trim off any excess hemp cord. This gives a nice circle shape at the top of the thread and just under the beads.

DIY tassel keychain with metallic floss

5. Cover the hemp cord with metallic string

Tie a piece of your metallic string around the white hemp cord and then continue to wrap it tightly around the hemp cord until you cover it completely. I tied the end of my metallic stringing to one of the strands from the first knot. Trim off any excess stringing.

DIY tassel keychain

6. Trim the embroidery thread

Arrange the bottom of the tassel and cut the folded ends with sharp scissors.

DIY tassel keychain

Give the ends of your tassel a little trim so the ends are even.

DIY tassel keychain with personalized charm

I added a personalized charm to one of my tassels by attaching it right onto the key ring.

DIY tassel keychains

Now you have a fun beaded tassel keychain! Use different colored threads and beads to change up the look.

DIY tassel keychain for your pocketbook

How to use DIY tassels on your accessories

You can also use these tassels as an embellishment on your favorite purse. Or you can use a metal jewelry loop instead of a key ring and add it to a necklace chain. This is a great Mother’s Day gift or it makes a pretty graduation gift topper!

DIY tassels keychains

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Originally published May 2016. Updated May 2019.

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  1. Hi, I’m confused on where/how you tied off the metallic cord after wrapping it…. Is there any way you can explain it to me? Thanks

  2. Hi Jessica – this is a great question! When I started the cord I kept about 3″ extra, holding it down with my thumb and I didn’t tie it. I just kept wrapping the metallic cord until it covered the hemp completely. I tied that end of the cord to the to the 3″ from the start of the cord. I hope that makes sense! Thanks for your comment! – Lori

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