Create A DIY Wood Sign With Flower Quote For Spring


Bring spring into your home with this super easy DIY Wood Sign with flower quote to help combat those winter blues. Learn how to create this beauty today!

Hello, Kenarry readers! It’s LZ Cathcart from The Summery Umbrella, and I’m so excited to share with you this spring inspired DIY Wood Sign with flower quote. Create it in a classic black and white color scheme or add gorgeous bursts of color to make it stand out! Either way, I just know you’ll love this diy wood sign as an addition to your home decor.

rustic DIY Flower Quote Wood Sign

Believe it or not, I’ve actually had this design in the works for a few months now. Not only do I really, reallyyy love this quote, but I also find that during the dreary months of the year I tend to create a lot of warmth-inspired pieces.

Plus, don’t you think flowers correlate into a symbol of happiness? Maybe not for everyone, but when I see flowers (whether they are indoors, outdoors, artificial, real, etc.) I always seem to get a big smile on my face! They come in various shades of colors for any holiday or season and can truly transform a room.

With that being said, I tend to create a lot of spring and summer related posts! If you’ve never stopped by my neck of the woods (aka. my blog) I enjoy sharing my three favorite things: DIY, Design, and Decor projects. For instance, you’ll find everything from How to Force Flower Bulbs to my DIY Fresh Flowers Vinyl Decal as well as my hand-drawn vectors for all of your crafting needs. Definitely make sure to stop on by and say hi sometime. I’d love to see you over there!

Not to mention, you’ll definitely want to check out my other hand-lettered/drawn signsprintables, and drink coasters that I’ve created on Kenarry in the past. They’re all super easy DIY’s that double as excellent gifts!

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I must have flowers

But enough about me. Let’s get this project started!

How to make your own DIY Wood Sign

What you’ll need: 


1. Download the flower quote template

First things first, head on over to my website and purchase the above flower quote template download. It’s super cost efficient, AND you can always use the same design on a variety of other projects. Think: cards, bags, and gifts!

diy wooden sign

2. Cut out the flower quote template

Using your Silhouette CAMEO cut out the template with the vinyl on your mat. Check out these tutorials if you need help cutting out the template!

3. Remove your vinyl from your mat

Once the design has been cut out remove the vinyl from your mat, and apply your transfer tape to the vinyl side. I like to use my squeegee (or you can use a credit card) for this part to ensure that it goes on smooth.

Then, remove the backing from your vinyl, and carefully remove the interior vinyl pieces so you are left with a stencil. See below.

monet quote

4. Apply the design template to your sign

Measure and line up your vinyl with your wood sign so it will be applied evenly, and then firmly push the template with your squeegee. Then, remove the transfer tape.

One of my favorite reasons for creating my own DIY wood signs is that I can make them as big or small as I need for my home. For instance, I purchased a 14″x14″ pre-made wood sign at Michaels, but you can purchase a variety of sizes if you require something different. Plus, you can even make your sign from scratch! Check out this step-by-step DIY sign tutorial for this option.

5. Paint your sign

You’re almost done! Now, you’ll just need to paint the inside of your flower quote sign using your black paint. I used an air brush and black lacquer paint, but you can use any of the following options: spray paint, acrylic paint, or latex paint.

how to paint a wood sign

6. Remove your vinyl

Once your paint has completely dried remove your vinyl and all the interior pieces of the design on your sign.

flowers quote sign

7. Hang up your DIY Wood Sign!

Wasn’t that easy? You now have a beautiful, new, handmade sign and you’re almost ready for spring! Now, it’s your turn!

rustic DIY Flower Quote Wood Sign on reclaimed wood shelves
must have flowers wood sign

Go get your craft on, and I’ll see you again next time ?

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