Easy DIY Sea Glass Candle Holders


Add some serene and peaceful décor to any room with this easy do it yourself sea glass candle holders. They are gorgeous and easy to create.

These sea glass candle holders are not only beautiful, but they are also so easy to make. If you can wield a hot glue gun, you can make these incredible candle holders I am bringing you today.

DIY Bedroom Decor

If you need a fresh idea for some sparkly little accents in your bedroom, these candle holders are perfect. We just made some for our daughter.

We are in the middle of decorating our daughter’s room to something more mature. Apparently, she is too old for sparkly things. I don’t know what she’s talking about because you are never too old for anything sparkly.

sea glass candle holder

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Easy DIY Sea Glass Candle Holders

However, if glitter isn’t your thing and you prefer more serene home décor you are going to love these candle holders.


To make these candle holders all you need is:

sea glass candle holder

Since these are going in a bedroom we used LED tea light candles. We also purchased our sea glass from a craft store, but you can also find sea glass on Amazon. I wish we had easy access to a beach to collect our own. It would make the candle holders even more special.


Time to get started.

1.) Arrange the sea glass around your candle

Place your tea light candle in the middle a clear workspace. Next form a single layer circle with the sea glass around your candle.

2) Layer the glass pieces on top of each other

Once you have your circle in place, gently place the next layer on top of the bottom layer of glass. Do not glue it down yet. Just place it there to make sure you have the glass where you want it. You want the second layer to overlap the cracks in the bottom layer.

3.) Glue layers together

When you have glass where you want it, glue the layers together one piece at a time. When you are done, you should be able to pick up both layers as one piece. If you are not, you need to add some more hot glue.

sea glass candle holder

4.) Keep layering until you have the perfect size

Continue forming the layers until the candle holder passes a layer or two higher than the candle. Your sea glass candle holder is done. You should be able to slip your candle out of the center to replace it as needed.

Look how gorgeous these are. We’ve had these candle holders for over a month now and they have held up fantastic.

What can you use instead of a hot glue gun?

If you don’t have a hot glue gun, that’s ok! While I totally suggest you get one – they can be used on so many craft projects – here are some ideas that work instead.

You can also use an epoxy glue or silicone sealant to glue to sea glass together. Just make sure the glue you choose to use is clear.

sea glass candle holder

I hope you enjoyed project as much as I did. If you make your own sea glass candle holders please share your pictures in the comments. You might also like this sea glass candle idea where you actually embed the sea glass into wax.

sea glass candle holder

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Originally published May 2017. Updated May 2018. 

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