Easy Nightstand Decor for Your Bedroom in 5 Quick Steps


Cluttered nightstand? Boring bedside table? Try these 5 quick steps to update your nightstand decor in minutes (plus, some practical storage-friendly ideas!).

Is your bedside table small, cluttered, or plain-old uninspiring? No worries. With these 5 simple steps, you can update your nightstand decor in minutes.

Nightstand Decor in 5 Steps

I’m Lora, of Craftivity Designs, and I just recently gave our master bedroom a quick spring refresh. In the process, I used my go-to formula for easy nightstand decorating, and I’m so pleased with the results. More storage AND a pretty vignette? Yes, please!

Easy Nightstand Decor

Let’s take a look at 5 quick steps to decorate your nightstand. I’m including a “supply list” to get you started — but, the sky is the limit!

After all, there are no nightstand-decorating rules. Instead, I want to inspire and encourage you to be creative in your own home.

What you need: 

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  • Tall Lamp
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Decorative Box
  • Aromatic Candle
  • Live (or faux) Plant
  • Small Dish

Nightstand Decor Ideas

1. Begin with a Tall Lamp

First, anchor the table with a lamp. I prefer a tall lamp so that it provides plenty of light when sitting and reading in bed.

Bonus Tip: Be creative and consider open storage for pretty items. For example, I store my dangle earrings on our lamp’s trellis base.

Brass Trellis Lamp on Bedside Table as Nightstand Decor

2. Place a Stack of Books

Next, add height to the nightstand surface with a stack of books. Especially in the case of a small nightstand, this step makes all the difference.

A full surface with varying heights is much more appealing to the eye than a full surface with items at the same height. Varying heights creates depth and a lovely vignette. In contrast, items placed at the same height result in a cluttered appearance.

Potted Plant, Personalized Candle, Decorative Box, and Coffee Table Books as Nightstand Decor

As for book types, I like to include a few coffee table books. They make for easy reading before bed and are typically adorned with eye-appealing bindings and covers.

3. Add a Decorative Box

Have items you’d like to store bedside, but not display in plain sight? Things like earbuds, a notepad, pens, and pencils, etc. A decorative box adds height (just like step #2!) while also increasing storage.

Note: This may not be the best solution for items that are used every day, but it’s great storage for less frequently used items.

Potted Plant, Personalized Candle, and Decorative Box as Nightstand Decor

4. Include a Candle or Plant (or both!)

Once the lamp, books, and box are in place, fill the rest of the nightstand with smaller items. In this step you are adding texture and ambiance.

An “ocean-breeze” scented candle is perfect for a relaxing evening (find out more about our personalized photo candle in this post).

Next to the candle, I added a pop of green. Though I love live plants around the house, this potted boxwood is actually faux. So, green thumb or not, you can include a plant bedside.

Potted Plant, Personalized Candle, Decorative Box, and Brass Trellis Lamp as Nightstand Decor

5. Finish with a Jewelry Dish

Finally, place a dish for jewelry on the bedside tabletop. Mine is an actual ring dish, but any small dish will do. Feel free to shop your kitchen and find a pretty dish to hold rings, earrings, watches, etc.

Small White Ring Dish as Nightstand Decor

A Nightstand Decor “Formula”

Complete these 5 simple steps — I call it my nightstand decor “formula” — and you’ll be well on your way to a stylish, organized bedside table!

Master Bedroom featuring nightstand decor ideas by Craftivity Designs

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