Easy Upcycled Ottoman Tray – Made With Driftwood


If you enjoy rustic home decor and DIY projects, then you will LOVE this DIY ottoman tray. It’s so easy, just find some driftwood and get crafting!

Good morning, dear readers! It’s Stacy from Anastasia Vintage joining you here again at Ideas for the Home by Kenarry®! This month, I’m sharing a simple, rustic DIY idea that you can use to add a touch of vintage style to your home. Take a look at how I created this easy upcycled driftwood serving tray with just a few simple supplies!

upcycled repurposed driftwood reclaimed wood picture frame serving tray

DIY Ottoman Tray – Easy Home Decor Craft

This is so easy. I literally found an old wood frame and knew I wanted to turn it into a serving tray. So here’s how you can make one too.


  • Barn wood frame
  • Drawer Pulls / Handles
  • Burlap Fabric

How to Make A DIY Ottoman Tray Out of A Picture Frame

These steps are so simple. Here’s how to make your own ottoman tray.

1.) Find a Rustic Wood Frame

While at a local garage sale last weekend, I found a worn and very charming barn wood frame for just a few dollars. Sometimes it takes a while for inspiration to strike when I pick up random garage sale finds, but not this time!

I knew right away that the 8×10 opening and raised sides would make a perfect tray with just a few simple additions.

driftwood picture frame made out of reclaimed wood

2.) Choose the Handles for the Tray

Just a few days later, I found a pair of antique drawer handles at the thrift store, and revived them with a shot of Rustoleum spray paint in Old Rubbed Bronze.

antique drawer handles pulls oil rubbed bronze

3.) Attach the Handles to the Tray

Since the handles would be used to carry the weight of the tray, I wanted to recess them into the frame to give it more stability. After a cleaning and light sanding, I drilled a pair of 1/4 inch holes about a 1/4 inch into each side of the frame.

drilled holes driftwood picture frame tray

4.) Put Fabric Behind the Frame’s Glass

I debated for some time what I would use to fill the frame’s opening. Textured wallpaper? One of my many scraps of fabric? When I stumbled on a set of burlap coffee sacks I’d purchased last summer, I knew I’d hit the jackpot! I mean really, how perfect is that coffee graphic for a serving tray?!

burlap coffee sack graphic

5.) Assemble the Pieces of your Ottoman Tray

Then, it was just a matter of assembling the pieces – first the glass from the frame, then the coffee sack, a piece of cardboard backing, and a 1/8″ thick piece of hardboard to give the bottom a clean finish. Lastly, I attached the handles with some epoxy adhesive.

And there you have it! Simple, right?

upcycled repurposed driftwood picture frame serving tray

What Can You Use to Attach the Tray Handles?

Since I originally published this tutorial, I’ve received questions about the best ways to attach the handles. Since you will be using the handles to carry the tray, it’s important that they don’t fall off.

I used epoxy glue and it has held up fantastically over the years. If you don’t have epoxy glue or can’t find any, these options will also work:

  • Drill and Screws – Most handles have a place you can screw them into the boards. Attach them from the underside of the picture frame.
  • Wood Glue – You can also use wood glue. But make sure it doesn’t overfill, or it will appear messy.
antique drawer handle serving tray
driftwood picture frame serving tray coffee sack graphic
repurposed burlap coffee sack driftwood serving tray

The weathered texture of driftwood is one of my favorite looks for the home. And the great news is that you can recreate this look with just about any picture frame; you can even build a simple wooden frame to make a custom-sized tray and give it a weathered finish.

I love the finished tray so much that I’ve already started working on the plans to build some more.

I’ll be sharing an easy weathered wood tutorial at Anastasia Vintage next week that is perfect for this tray – here’s a sneak peek:

weathered wood driftwood faux finish crate

Be sure to check it out, as well as these other great repurposing ideas!

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See you next month with more DIY inspiration! And if there’s a vintage idea you’d love to learn more about, feel free to send me a message at [email protected].

upcycled DIY repurposed driftwood reclaimed wood picture frame serving tray

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Originally published July 2015. Updated July 2018.

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