Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Free Printable


This free printable Fall Home Maintenance Checklist makes it easy to know how to keep your home in excellent condition, outside and inside, this season.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Free Printable

A few weeks ago, Karleia Steiner shared with us 5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Maintenance Checklist. We thought it would be great to work with her to create a home maintenance checklist for each of the four seasons to help you keep your home in excellent condition all year-round.

There’s no time like the present to get started before the weather gets any colder! Below you’ll find suggestions we created with Karleia’s assistance for a Fall Home Maintenance Checklist. We also created a printable version so you can easily carry it with you around the house.

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

outdoor tasks:

  • Store outdoor furniture and cushions.
  • Inspect chimney and roof for cracks and damage.
  • Clean downspouts and gutters.
  • Rake leaves and shred to use as mulch or dispose of them based on local guidelines.
  • Cut back perennial plants and mulch around the base. See guidelines.
  • Remove hoses from spigots and drain. Store indoors, coiled and flat.
  • Close or install storm windows.
  • Test snow blower and have it professionally serviced if necessary.

indoor tasks:

  • Dust blinds and wash curtains throughout your house.
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom cabinets and dispose of outdated food, medicine and cosmetics.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you set clocks back in the fall.
  • Check windows and doors for weather-tightness and install weather stripping where it’s needed.
  • Have furnace professionally inspected.
  • If needed, set traps for rodents.

What else would you add to this Fall Home Maintenance Checklist? Please comment below to let us know. We’re always looking for new ideas.

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Free Printable

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  1. This is such a brilliant idea – being a new home owner means I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time, so this list will really help me and the hubs keep on top of things! Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Erica! I hope it’s helpful as you prepare your new home for winter. So fun to have a home that’s really your OWN, though, isn’t it?

  2. This is so handy Carrie! I really hope my friends see this. We have old ghetto single pain with storm windows in our house and are getting them replaced in a week hallelujah!! So many joys of owning a house. But we love it. I’ll be printing this off for my hubby and I !

    1. Thanks, Karisa! I’m so glad this handy dandy checklist will be helpful to you and your husband. Do let me know if you come up with other things that should be added to the list!

  3. Glad we could provide your to do list for the weekend, Bre! Let me know if you think of anything else we should have added. Enjoy the nice weather in your part of the midwest. I hope we get some of it over here too.

  4. I would include winterizing your sprinkler system if you live in an area that has winter snow and freezing temps.

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