Floral Birdhouse: How To Decoupage With Fabric


Make a floral birdhouse! We’ll show you how to decoupage with fabric and Mod Podge to make this pretty gift craft!

Hi Kenarry readers! It’s Jennifer and Kitty, the O’Neil Sisters, from RunningWithSisters.com. We’re back to share a cute DIY birdhouse with you. In this project, we get to show you one of our absolute favorite decoupage techniques: How To Decoupage With Fabric Using Mod Podge!

Make a floral birdhouse! We'll show you how to decoupage with fabric and Mod Podge to make this pretty gift craft!

We think it’s so much fun to transform unfinished wood into something spectacular. You’d be amazed at what a little craft paint and a single piece of fabric can do! In this craft how-to, we’ll show you how we picked our colorful floral fabric, how we selected the paint colors, and how we painted the birdhouse to get sharp edges and clean lines. Then we’ll show you to how decoupage with fabric including how to select and cut out flowers from the fabric and how to decoupage the pieces onto the birdhouse to create a whole new “fabric-style” design.

We’ve included a video showing step-by-step how to Decoupage With Fabric. Watch it to see how we decoupaged the birdhouse, then follow the steps below to make your own!

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How To Decoupage With Fabric

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Painting the front of a birdhouse ocean blue

1. Paint the front of the birdhouse

To get started, paint the front of the birdhouse Deep Ocean Blue. When you get to the edges along the side, brush the paint flat off the edges so the paint doesn’t get on the sides. To paint the edges under the eaves and along the base, lay the brush flat and wiggle it side to side to get a clean edge. (The video shows exactly how to do this!) Be sure to paint the inside lip of the hole, too!

2. Paint the roof of the birdhouse

Next paint the roof of the birdhouse green. Make sure you paint the edges of the roof and under the eaves, too. Then paint the base of the birdhouse green and let it dry.

3. Paint the sides and back

Paint the sides and back with the yellow craft paint. Use the same technique from Step 1 to get the clean lines along the seams and edges of the birdhouse. Let the whole thing dry.

Cutting out floral fabric to put on a birdhouse

4. Cut flowers and leaves out of the fabric

While the paint dries, cut flowers and leaves out of the fabric. Cut them out so no outline from the background color of the fabric remains. We cut out large flowers for the roof and the front of the birdhouse, then we cut out leaves for the sides.

Gluing fabric flowers on the birdhouse

5. Glue the flowers on the birdhouse

Lay a couple of large flowers on the front of the birdhouse so part of each flower runs off the edge. Cut the fabric in a straight line along the edge where each flower runs off. (This will make it look like fabric!) Save the pieces you cut off to use along another edge.

Then decoupage each flower onto the front of the birdhouse using the Matte Mod Podge. To do this, paint a generous layer of Mod Podge where each flower will go. Lay the flower on top, making sure to line up any edges you just cut. Then paint a layer of Mod Podge over the top.

Gluing flowers on the roof of the birdhouse

6. Glue Fabric flowers on the roof

For the roof, choose a few large flowers and use the same technique to decoupage them onto the roof with a few running off the edge. Press out any wrinkles with your fingers while the Mod Podge is still wet.

Don’t forget to coat the tops of the fabric with Mod Podge, too! Then decoupage some leaves and smaller flowers onto the sides and back and let dry. Paint the entire birdhouse with a top coat of Mod Podge and let dry.

Glue floral trim to the sides of the birdhouse

7. Glue Floral trim to the roof

Cut two pieces of the flower trim to fit the eaves of the roof. Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the front of the eaves and lay the trim pieces on top. Press the trim down with your fingers. Dab extra Mod Podge into any openings in the trim to hold it in place. Add a dot of the yellow craft paint in the center of each flower using the end of the paintbrush.

Decoupage With Fabric: Easy Spring Craft Idea

We love to decoupage with fabric! Our floral birdhouse turned out sweet, and we hope yours turns out great, too! Let us know how it goes, and if you have any questions or comments while you’re working, just leave us a note in the comments and we’ll reply. We are here to help!

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Happy Crafting,
Jennifer & Kitty

Make a floral birdhouse! We'll show you how to decoupage with fabric and Mod Podge to make this pretty gift craft!

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