Game Piece Organization: DIY Drawstring Bags


Always losing board game pieces? Keep them organized with these cute and easy DIY Drawstring Bags!

Hi everyone- it’s Valerie from Occasionally Crafty– here with a fun and easy way to keep your game pieces organized!

Cute and Easy Game Piece Organization in DIY drawstring bags

How to keep board game pieces organized

My youngest son is addicted to board games.  From the second we walk in the door until it’s time to be doing something else, he begs all of us to play games with him.  We have all sorts of games from Trouble and Sorry to Monopoly and Pictopia.

The problem is, if we’re not careful, game pieces end up all over the house.  The kids usually rush to put things away, and small pieces end up in the strangest places.  So, I came up with an easy (and cute) way to keep all those little pieces together.

how to make DIY Drawstring bags for game pieces

You will need the following

  • Blank canvas drawstring bags (can find these at Walmart or craft stores)
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl or Fabric Markers
  • Iron (for HTV or to set colors)

Apply heat transfer vinyl to the bags

I made one with heat transfer vinyl, which means I needed my Silhouette.  I just designed a simple little decal with the name of the game, then cut it out.  Don’t forget to mirror your text!

Game Piece Organization

Then, just iron it on to your drawstring bag following the directions on the HTV.  I usually set up a piece of cardboard on the tile floor, cover the item with a pillowcase, then press as hard as I can for about 20 seconds.  Then I remove the carrier sheet (plastic), replace the towel, and iron again.

Trouble Game Piece Bag with HTV

decorate the bags with fabric markers

This one I made with fabric markers.  You can even let your kids get in on the fun and decorate their own bags.

Sorry Game Piece Holder

I taped a circle in the corner, then made lots of little dots with my fabric markers until I liked how it looked.  Then I removed the circle and wrote the name of the board game in the center.  My handwriting isn’t cute- sorry 🙂

Drawstring Bag Game Piece Holder with Fabric Marker Decoration

Since I started using these, we haven’t lost a single game piece- which means I can play any game my son wants!  Sigh…. I’m off to play Trouble for the 1,000th time!

Drawstring Bag Game Piece Keeper

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Originally published April 2016. Updated April 2018.

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