How To Make A DIY Giant Bubble Wand


Making this DIY Giant Bubble Wand and extra strong bubble solution is a great activity idea that will keep the kids amused for hours.

Hello Kenarry friends, it’s Sam here from A Happy Home in Holland, back again to share one of my DIY ideas.  This month, with the kids being on holiday, I thought that it would be fun to do something together with my two girls.

Learn how to make giant bubble wands in this easy diy tutorial

We recently went to a local fair where they had all sorts of kids activities that the kids could try.  One of these activities was making giant bubbles using a giant bubble wand made from a couple of sticks and some string.

When I saw how simple but effective they were I thought this would be a fab activity to do at home.

Learn how to make a giant bubble wand in this easy diy tutorial

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What You Need To Make The Giant Bubble Wand

Giant Bubble Solution Ingredients

How to Make The Giant Bubble Wand

Here’s how to make a DIY bubble wand out of wood and rope. I even have easy step-by-step pictures too.

1. Measure and cut the wooden Dowel

I used a couple of 3/8″ x 12″ pieces of wooden dowel from the local hardware store but you can just as easily use small branches collected from your garden.  For younger children, it is a good idea to find sticks that are about the length of their arms.  We actually left our sticks long (I was a bit too lazy to cut them down) but my girls managed fine with them.

Rope, dowel rods and screw-tip hooks for a bubble wand

2. Attach Screw Eyes To each Stick

Once you have your sticks, take two screw eyes and screw one on the end of each stick (I actually used hooks because I already had them at home and just closed the hook into a ring with a pair of pliers).

3. Cut the Cord Into Two pieces

Next, take your cord or string (I used some cotton cord but anything will do for this as long as it is not too thin) and cut one 3′ length and one 5′ length.

Learn how to make a giant bubble wand in this easy diy tutorial

4. Tie the cord to the screw Eye

Take both lengths of string and tie it onto the screw eye on one of the sticks.

Learn how to make a giant bubble wand in this easy diy tutorial

5. Add washers or nuts to the cord

You now need to weigh the longer piece of cord with a few washers or nuts (I could only find one lightweight washer lying around so I improvised a bit and added a metal key ring clasp – you can use pretty much anything).

Learn how to make a giant bubble wand in this easy diy tutorial

6. Tie Both ends of the cords to the other stick

Thread whatever you are using onto the longer length of string and tie both ends to the other stick (see pics).

When you have finished making your giant bubble wand, the string should form a triangle like in the picture below.

Learn how to create super fun giant bubbles with a couple of sticks and some string! #summer #summeractivities #kidsactivities #stem

How To Make Giant Bubble Solution

The next thing we did was to try to come up with the best and strongest bubble solution that we could.

The man at the fair told us that he used glycerin to strengthen the bubble solution.

We put the water, dish detergent, and glycerin into a large plastic storage container and mixed it with a wooden spoon.  You need to do this very gently to avoid it from frothing up.

Learn how to make a super strong bubble solution to make fantastic giant bubbles

At first, it wasn’t working at all but we added a little more detergent and glycerin then played about with the solution until we could get it to attach to our bubble wand without popping.  You will find that it gets better the more you play with it.

If you ware making it for a party I would suggest you make it a day or two before because if your kids are as impatient as my two they will drive you batty whilst you are perfecting your solution.

I also read somewhere that the solution will actually improve when left overnight – this proved to be true!

*Tip* Coat the giant bubble wand in the solution and then get your kids to walk gently backward.

Learn how to create super fun giant bubbles with a couple of sticks and some string! #summer #summeractivities #kidsactivities #stem

And that’s it! The kids absolutely love them!

These giant bubble wands are such a simple idea but they can keep them entertained for ages.

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Originally published July 2018. Updated March 2020.

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    1. Oh wonderful! So glad to hear you enjoyed making the DIY Giant Bubble Wand. Hope it provides hours of fun for you and the kiddos!

      Best wishes,

  1. Can synthetic cord be used? My hardware store did not have cotton. Also how much solution does this make? I want to make a large batch for a child’s summer party. Thanks.

    1. Hi Emily,
      Give it a try! Sam Franklin who created this blog post for us says “I used some cotton cord but anything will do for this as long as it is not too thin.”

      As for quantity, this recipe makes at least 5 cups of solution. Assuming some will get spilled and if you have a lot of kids at the party, you may want to double or even triple it so there’s plenty of bubble fun for everyone.

      I’d also recommend you mix it up and try it out with your own kids a day or two before the party to make sure you get your mixture to work right. You may need to add a little more soap or glycerin to get it working perfectly for you.

      Good luck and please let us know how your party turns out!

      Best wishes,

    1. Hi Christy,
      Great question! Yes, wind can definitely be a factor in making the giant bubbles, but give it a try and see how it goes for you. Make sure the wind is going towards your bubble wand rather than perpendicular to it and that will help. Have a fun time making the bubbles!

      Best wishes,
      Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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