Halloween Water Bottle Pumpkins: Free Printable


Parents put a lot of time and effort into putting together their children’s Halloween costumes and taking them door to door for candy. They deserve to get a treat too! I designed these Halloween Water Bottle Pumpkins with a little “Parent Potion” tag thanking them for bringing their little pumpkins over to trick or treat. With this printable you can quickly turn regular water bottles into festive Halloween snacks!

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

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My favorite part of Halloween is seeing children dressed as princesses, superheroes, fireflies, scarecrows, animals and more walking around the neighborhood. Their costumes are just so cute and often very creative. Many parents put a lot of time, effort and thought into creating the perfect costume for their little ones. Then they have to trudge through the cold temperatures and dark of night to take those children door to door in search of treats.

With that in mind, I wanted to come up with something special you can give parents and their wee ones when they come over to your house this year. By the time they follow those little sugar fueled ghosts and ghouls running from house to house, they’re bound to be thirsty. Fanta orange soda and Dasani water seemed like a great combo to offer Halloween visitors.

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

The Fanta orange soda in mini-cans are great to set out for the kiddos. At 7.5 fl oz, it’s just the right size for the little guys to drink between houses. Plus the orange color makes Fanta mini-cans perfect Halloween snacks because they’re so cute and already look like little pumpkins!

For the parents, I designed a Halloween jack o’ lantern printable because I thought the green caps on the Dasani water bottles look just like pumpkin stems! If you want these Pumpkin Water Bottle labels for your own Halloween party, they’re available as a FREE digital download – just look for the sign up form later in this blog post. You can easily download the free printable label at home then wrap around the plastic water bottles.

All Dasani bottles are made from plant resin making them good for the environment. Unlike most ‘green’, plastic water bottles, these ones are sturdy. Plus they’re a special shape so they won’t fall over in the fridge or if you set them on a table for parents to grab when they come by your house on Halloween night. I used 16.9 oz Dasani water bottles, but they also come in a smaller 12 oz size perfect for trick or treating hydration.

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

How to Make Halloween Water Bottle Pumpkins

What you need:


1. Buy the water and gather your supplies 

I was able to quickly and easily find the Dasani water bottles in a 24-pack case at my local Walmart down the water aisle.

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

2. Get the Free Halloween Water Bottle Printable

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3. Print and cut

Once you have the file, print the Halloween Water Bottle Printable in color on white card stock. Then trim along the top and bottom edges with scissors.

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

3. Cut out the green leaf tag and punch a hole

The “Parent Potion” tag is a fun option if you’re going to be giving the water bottles to parents on Halloween night. For other events, parties and Halloween snacks, you can just use it as a pattern to cut your own leaf shape from green construction paper or cardstock to use with the Halloween Water Bottle Pumpkins.

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

4. Wrap the Halloween Water Bottle Printable around the bottle

Place the water bottle in the center of the printable and wrap one side around the bottle. Secure with a small piece of tape to hold the label in place.

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

Then wrap the other side, making sure that the thick black horizontal lines at the top and bottom match up with one another. Secure in place with tape and press your fingers along the seam to make sure the tape seals the Halloween Water Bottle Printable closed.

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - Kenarry.com

6. Tie the leaf tag on the water bottle pumpkins with green curling ribbon 

To get the Parent Potion leaves to stand out and stay forward, there’s a little trick for tying on the curling ribbon. First, cut the amount of green curling ribbon you wish to use. Then fold it in half to create a loop. Put the loop through the hole in the leaf as shown in step one. Next, take the tail end of the ribbon and put it through the loop, like you see in step two. Pull the ribbon tight to create the tag like the third step shows. Last, wrap the ribbon below the water bottle cap. Tie a knot and use scissors to curl the ribbon as you see in step four.

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

Doesn’t it look pretty? I think it will be a big hit with moms and dads who visit your house this year.

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

Even the back side of the Halloween Water Bottle Printable has some fun messages for them!

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

Tip: In Michigan, where we live, it’s usually so cold on Halloween night. So we can just set out Fanta cans and the Dasani water bottle pumpkins on a table for display. If you live in a warmer climate, you may want to throw them in a tub with ice. But in that case you’ll want to laminate the labels or cover them in clear contact paper first. Otherwise the ink on the labels might run.

Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

What spooky snacks and Halloween treats will you be passing out at your house this year? Please comment below and share. We’re always sharing new ideas like this Simple Halloween Countdown Calendar, Halloween Tic Tac Toe Printable Party Favor, and an Easy Kids’ Zebra Costume . Meanwhile, if you liked the water bottle pumpkins, please share it with your friends or pin it for later:

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Halloween Dasani Water Bottle Pumpkins - Free Printable - #SpookySnacks - Kenarry.com

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  1. Such a great idea! These will be perfect for the Halloween party we’re having too! Thanks for the cute printable!

  2. What a wonderfully kind thing to share for parents on Halloween night. Makes me wish we had kids come to door for Halloween. We live on a street that seems to be mostly adult so no trick or treaters the whole 8 yrs. we’ve lived here. I Know if I was a parent taking kids around I’d sure appreciate this kind offer. Been long time since we took kids (4) around. Our kids are all grownup with their own kids. We lived in San Diego areas when our kids were trick or treaters and most years it was hot out on Halloween night.
    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea.

    1. Thanks, Jane Ellen! It’s so funny to me to think about trick or treating when it’s hot outside. Growing up in Michigan we always had to factor in how our winter coats would look over or under our Halloween costumes! I agree with you – parents in hot climates like San Diego would definitely appreciate some refreshing water with all that walking and chasing around the neighborhood. Thank you so much for sharing your story about taking your own kids around. Maybe you can just walk around the mall or somewhere this year to see the trick or treaters?

  3. A bottle of water for the parents is super smart!! I know I could use one when chasing my three kids up and down the neighborhood on Halloween! #client

  4. Carrie,

    I just love this idea! I’m our elementary school’s teacher appreciation coordinator and the PTO is sponsoring a Pumpkin Fun Run on Halloween. Would it be possible to change the “Parent Potion” to “Teacher Potion” and the message to read “Thanks for making our Pumpkin Fun Run so successful! The PTO”

    Thanks for the consideration!

    1. Hi Amy,
      I’m thrilled you found our Halloween Water Bottle Pumpkins and are planning to use them for your Pumpkin Fun Run next week. I have two easy suggestions for how you can make your Teacher Potion tags:
      1. You can use the Parent Potion tag as a template or pattern. Trace it multiple times on green card stock and then handwrite your Teacher Potion message on each leaf.
      2. In Microsoft Word or another word processing program, you can create your message multiple times. To get even spacing, I’d probably set it up like you’re making labels. In Word on my Mac, I find that under Tools > Labels. I’d pick something small like Avery 5160 standard label size. Once you have a page full of your message labels, print it on green card stock and cut around each message to create individual leaves. You could try using the Parent Potion tag as your pattern or you could do it freehand.
      Good luck with your Pumpkin Fun Run next week! I would LOVE to see pictures.
      Best wishes, Carrie

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