25+ Home Craft Ideas You Can Make Today


When you just want to stay inside and do crafts, pull up one of these home craft ideas. All of them are simple. And most of them can even be made into DIY gifts!

Easy home craft ideas are just what you need for snow days, rainy days or those days when you just don’t feel like venturing out of the house.

When you just want to stay inside and do crafts, pull up one of these home craft ideas. All of them are simple. And most of them can even be made into DIY gifts!

Home Craft Ideas For Bad-Weather Days

You know those days…when all you want to do is gather your craft supplies together and make something. Whether it’s the snow or the rain – or even just a day where you want to stay inside for no reason at all – it’s always a good time to craft.

Bloggers from near and far submitted their home craft ideas to us and gave us permission to share them with you. Go visit their sites and find something new to make today.

1.) DIY Splattered Coasters

DIY Paint Splattered Wood Coasters

These adorably rustic coasters were inspired by West Elm Rain Coasters. You can customize the colors to fit your home’s decor. They make excellent wedding gifts.

Get directions: Exodus Treasures

2.) Make Your Own Buttons

Homemade buttons made out of branches

Turn branches from your backyard into fun, colorful buttons for all of your DIY projects! This is a fun home craft idea to do with kids.

Get directions: Mark Montano

3.) Make Homemade Air Freshener Discs

homemade air freshener discs

These handy dandy air freshener discs made with baking soda and essential oils smell fantastic and will help with smells around the house, office or in the car.

Get directions: Creative Homemaking

4.) IKEA Map Lamp Hack

IKEA Lamp hack with a map

Sometimes a little decorative touch can totally transform something mundane into something rather remarkable. It can add the wow factor.

Putting the map on the inside instead of the outside is super unique! Therefore you get a hint of map when you look up at these ceiling lamps. Instead of a boring white inside you now see a cool map.

Get directions: Pillar Box Blue

5.) Build Your Own Farmhouse Bench

DIY Farmhouse Bench

Can you believe this DIY farmhouse bench only costs around $15 to build?! This is a great project for all those 2×4 scraps you might have lying around.

Get directions: The Handyman’s Daughter

6.) Make Raffia Napkin Rings

DIY Raffia Napkin Rings

These DiY raffia napkin rings are super easy to make with one secret supply that you already have at home. These are so simple, but the results are fabulous and you’ll want to make them in several colors to match your home décor.

Get directions: One Mama’s Daily Drama

7.) Crochet Some Coasters

Colorful crocheted coasters

This colorful coaster is easy to crochet. An experienced crocheter might be able to whip up a whole set in an afternoon, but this home craft idea will go quickly even if you’re a beginner. You can use a different color for each row for a vibrant coaster, or just use one or two colors.

Get directions: The Philosopher’s Wife

8.) Peanut Bird Feeder Wreath

A wreath made out of peanuts

Make this fun and easy bird feeder wreath to keep birds happy and healthy. It’s a 10 minute project that makes a great gift too!

Get directions: Creative Homemaking

9.) Spray Paint A Glass Vase

Tips for Using Spray Paint on Glass

Spray painting on glass is an easy DIY project, but there are a few tips and tricks to getting a smooth finish. This post has some tips for using spray paint on glass so that when you’re ready to tackle this super easy project, you’ll be properly prepared and informed.

Get directions: The Birch Cottage

10.) Upcycle Old Book Jackets Into Wall Art

Upcycled Book Jackets

This project shows you how to upcycle old book jackets into gorgeous, unique wall art for a playroom or a nursery. If you love books and reading to your children, this project is for you!

Get directions: DIY Danielle

11.) Sew A Hanging Herb Bag

How to sew a hanging her bag

These hanging herb bags are easy and quick to make, but offer a great alternative to plastic containers. They can hang off a fence which keeps them out of reach of invasive weeds and pets.

Get directions: DIY Danielle

12.) Make an All-Occasion Daisy Card

An All-Occasion Daisy Card handmade

This All Occasion Daisy Card will surely brighten someone’s day. The layout of this card can be easily copied to suit whatever type of card you would like to make. Change the supplies to match the occasion you want to celebrate.

Making greeting cards is such a wonderful hobby. It’s a great way to relax, and with all of the technology, your friends and family would love to receive a handmade creation from you in the mail.

Get directions: P.S. I Love You Crafts

13.) Create Your Own Shell Trinket Dishes

Gorgeous Scallop Shell Trinket Dishes

These gorgeous scallop shell trinket dishes would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift. These unique dishes are made by using discarded scallop shells. They are so easy to do and are truly adorable, they would definitely make a lovely present.

Get directions: Pillar Box Blue

14.) Create Foam Letters

Trash-to-Treasure Marquee Letters

Turn discarded styrofoam into beautiful 3-D letters with this simple technique! Cover them in your favorite papers or fabrics to match your decor.

Get directions: Mark Montano

15.) DIY Whipped Body Butter

DIY whipped body butter with shea butter and essential oils

It almost looks good enough to eat! This body butter uses a combination of oils – including shea butter and essential oils – to nourish your skin. It makes a luxurious gift!

Get Directions: Venture1105

16.) Fun Art with Sun Sensitive Paper

Art with sun sensitive paper

To do this home craft idea, you need special paper for cyanotype and here is how it works: You place an object or a negative on a sheet of sun sensitive paper, put it outside for a while in the sun and afterwards in some water. Next a picture of your object will appear. Very cool!

Get directions: Nur noch

17.) Birds and Butterflies Under Glass

Birds and Butterflies Under Glass

Turn dollar store items into a beautiful, museum-worthy display! The perfect project to start your very own curiosity cabinet.

Get directions: Mark Montano

18.) Stunning Decorated Eggs

DIY Gold Dipped and Newspaper Decorated Eggs

Transform those plastic colored eggs into trendy, chic spring decorations that only look expensive! All you’ll need is some gold spray paint, newspaper and decoupage glue. It’s a super easy DIY project that anyone can do!

Get directions: Greco Design Company

19.) DIY Lace Crown Tutorial

how to make your own lace crown

Hosting a kids birthday party or dress-up soon? Make the little girls happy with this DIY Lace Crown tutorial! A must for every princess, these crowns are fun and simple to make!

Get directions: Creative Homemaking

20.) Easy Carved Wood Printing Blocks

make diy wood printing blocks

Turn scrap wood pieces into beautiful carved wood printing blocks with a simple Dremel tool. Paint them to display or actually use them to stamp your beautiful designs on everything from clothing to table linens.

Get directions: Mark Montano

21.) Painted acrylic boxes

Painted Acrylic Boxes

These Painted Acrylic Boxes are the perfect easy DIY craft for staying organized. Only a few simple steps to create and you are left with pretty storage boxes!

Get directions: Delineate Your Dwelling

22.) Make a DIY Princess Crown

make a DIY princess crown

Make the little girl in your life feel just like a princess with this adorable DIY princess crown! It would also be a great addition to a birthday party!

Get directions: Creative Homemaking

23.) Chalkboard Alarm Clock

how to make a chalkboard alarm clock

This clock is part retro and part rustic DIY. By upcycling old alarm clocks, your mornings will be a lot more fun!

Get directions: Nur noch

24.) Celebrate with a DIY Happy Birthday Plant Stake

Happy Birthday Plant Stake

Bring good birthday vibes your way with a Happy Birthday Plant Stake created from colorful scrapbook paper and floral wire. Gussy up an indoor plant or use as part of your birthday centerpiece and let the celebrations begin.

Get directions: Dazzle While Frazzled

25.) Make A No-Sew Pencil Roll

How to make a pencil roll case without sewing

Need a place to safely carry all your pencils, crayons and markers? This no sew pencil roll is a super easy project and great to make with kids!

Get directions: Creative Homemaking

26.) Make A No-Sew Pom-Pom Skirt

No Sew Pom Pom Party Skirt

Looking to create a fun party skirt without much fuss? Try this adorable NO SEW Pom Pom party skirt. It’s perfect for a fun event or playing dress-up around the house.

Get directions: Delineate Your Dwelling

27.) Learn How to Do Basic Hand Lettering

Basic Hand Lettering {Yes, you can!}

Believe it or not, you can learn to create beautiful hand lettered projects. All you need are a few basic supplies and this tutorial will get you well on your way to making a masterpiece!

Get directions: One Artsy Mama

28.) DIY Homemade Play Dough Recipe

Homemade Playdough Recipe

This Easy Homemade Playdough is so easy to make and a great, fun project for kids! Very different from store bought play dough, made with safer and healthier ingredients.

Get directions: Creative Homemaking

29.) Make Your Own Swim Shirts

how to make your own swim shirts

If the kids are out for the summer then it means that swim season is upon us. If you are the carrier of wet bags or swim meet chauffeur, you might as well have a t-shirt that says so!

Get directions: DazzleWhileFrazzled

More DIY Home Ideas

There you have it! Almost an entire month’s worth of craft ideas. Plenty of things to keep you and your kids busy and making tons of memories too.

Here are some more DIY home craft ideas too!

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When you just want to stay inside and do crafts, pull up one of these home craft ideas. All of them are simple. And most of them can even be made into DIY gifts!

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