Homemade Heart Shaped Crayons


These homemade heart shaped crayons are an easy and fun craft for Valentine’s Day. Make them with your kids to give to their friends instead of candy.

Homemade heart shaped crayons are an easy and fun craft that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day – or anytime of the year. Hi everyone – it’s Lori from Greco Design Company. This is such a great project to do with your kids – or for your kids. They can even make them for their classmates and friends as a nice alternative to all that Valentine’s candy they’ll be getting.

How to make homemade heart shaped crayons

These crayons are not only fun to make but they’re fun to use too. The mix of colors creates some unique and colorful designs and you’ll love them. We made heart shaped crayons but you can make them in any shape you want!

How to make homemade heart shaped crayons

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How to Make Homemade Heart Shaped Crayons

You’ll need the following:

silicone mold

crayons, old or new

bags or other packaging, optional


How to make homemade heart shaped crayons

First, gather your crayons and remove the wrappers. This is a great way to recycle those old and broken crayons.

How to make homemade heart shaped crayons

Afrer all the wrappers are removed, break your crayons into small pieces. We wanted our crayons to be multi-colored but if you want yours more monochromatic, you can separate them into color groups.

How to make homemade heart shaped crayons

Place your silicone mold on a cookie sheet and fill each heart shape to the top with a mixture of your crayon pieces. Be sure to fill them completely.

How to make homemade heart shaped crayons

Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes at 250 degrees. After 10 minutes, check your crayons. As the crayons melt, they’ll fill the mold and you may need to add a few more pieces. Add the pieces carefully and continue to bake until they’re fully melted.

How to make homemade heart shaped crayons

Remove them from the oven and let them cool completely. After they’re cool, remove your new heart shaped crayons from the mold.

How to make homemade heart shaped crayons

Now you have your own homemade heart shaped crayons! Give them to your favorite valentines or keep them for yourself and have fun creating colorful designs.

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How to make homemade heart shaped crayons

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