How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging


Don’t know how to macrame? Learn how to make a more simple, boho chic yarn wall hanging. It’s super easy, inexpensive, and adds texture and color to any room.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add color and texture to a room, I’ll show you how to make an easy yarn wall hanging to accent any space.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

Hi Kenarry readers, it’s Lori from Greco Design Company and I want to share with you how I make these super easy and stylish wall hangings.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

I’m loving the macrame trend that’s been making a comeback and especially the boho chic wall hangings. Like this one and this one. So when my daughter asked for one for her room, I was thrilled. But most of the woven wall hangings I found online were pretty expensive or they just didn’t work in her space.

So I decided to try and make one. I wasn’t going to learn macrame so I stuck with a more simple yarn hanging. It was easy to make, super inexpensive and makes a real statement in her room. And she helped me make it!

How to make an easy yarn wall hanging

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Materials You need:

You’ll need the following materials:

How to Make a DIY Yarn Wall Art

Now you are ready to create your own wall art out of yarn. Here’s how I did it.

Sticks or branches from the yard can be used as a DIY wall hanging

1. Find wood from the yard

Since I used a stick I found in our yard, I had to treat it a bit before it was ok to use. I did a post on how to treat wood branches for home decor.

Ideally, you want to find a stick that’s already on the ground so it has started to age and dry out. Cut it to the size you want, sand off any bark, and it should be ready to use. Of course, you can also use a wooden dowel.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

2. Create large loops with your yarn

Next, you need to create large loops with your yarn. I used 2 picture frames in different sizes as my wrapping tools. You can also cut pieces of cardboard to use for this same purpose. The length of the frames determines how long my yarn will hang down.

I wrapped my yarn around the frame about 20 times and then laid each loop along the stick until I had enough to fill the width, with a little extra stick extending on each side.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

3. Loop the yarn around the branches

Decide if you want to create a certain pattern with your colors. I arranged mine in chunky groups but you can alternate colors or create a more random look. Once you like your pattern, begin securing each cluster of yarn to the stick individually by looping the strand through itself.

The bottom of the strands will also be connected but we’ll trim these later.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

4. cut the strands of yarn

Once all of your loops of yarn are attached, pull them tight to make sure the loops are even at the top. Cut the bottom loops so the strands of yarn are all free. You can trim the ends as you’d like. Add an angle or a more random pattern, or just straight across. There’s no wrong way.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

5. Braid the yarn

For added flair, you can braid a chunk of yarn.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

6. Add homemade pom poms

To create texture and interest, I added some homemade pom poms.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

I used these pom pom makers and if you want the full tutorial, click here. It’s another super easy project!

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

7. add your hanging pieces

Now you can add your hanging pieces. For the top ring, I doubled up two pieces of yarn and folded them in half, then put it through the 2″ gold ring. Taking the loose ends of the string, I pulled them through the yarn loop and then pulled down. Same knot as the hanging yarn.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

Then I tied the yarn to each end of the stick. I also added a little super glue to keep the knots in place.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

For the larger ring, I doubled up two pieces of yarn and did the same knot to attach it to the large ring. Then I tied the other end to the smaller ring, letting it hang down just above the stick.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging #bohemianstyle # boho #bohostyle #macrame

Now my daughter has a fun, chic, original piece of art in her new room. This yarn wall hanging adds texture and color in an inexpensive way.

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DIY yarn tapestry questions

What kind of yarn can I use?

You can use any type of yarn you have on hand. But the most common types of yarn used in macrame wall hangings are cotton, jute, hemp, or twine.

How do you dye the yarn?

You can dye yarn by doing the dip-dyeing process. It’s pretty simple, anyone can do it.

What are some patterns you can make with yarn wall art?

You can make any number of patterns. Pick out your favorite colors and alternate them on the sticks. Or thread some beads on the yarn for some fun and whimsical designs.

How to Make an Easy Yarn Wall Hanging #bohemianstyle # boho #bohostyle #macrame

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