How To Make Packing Tape Labels To Organize Kitchen


Learning how to make packing tape labels for kitchen organization is a practical and pretty solution. Read on and I’ll show you how!

Hi Friends! I’m Rita Joy, and right now I’m in my small kitchen at Harbour Breeze Home on an organization mission. I’m right in the middle of an 8-week challenge to get my whole house organized!

The pantry cupboard was the first area I started with. (Here it was before I started:)

How I organized my kitchen pantry cabinets

The very first step was to take everything out and clean it. This was probably the part that made the biggest difference. It also took the most time.

After everything was cleaned and in place, it was time for my favorite part, making the labels!

Labeling helps me stay organized and adds a fun design element, too.

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How to Make labels without a vinyl cutting machine

You don’t need something like a Cricut to make really cute labels. I found a really easy way to make them with just my printer and some packing tape.

I printed off labels from my home computer (in the font “Antero”) and placed them in metal label holders (from Lee Valley Tools) for the pantry drawers. (These antique library label holders on Amazon are similar.)

But, then I needed a fun way to add labels to the wood slice label holders on the baskets above the microwave.

DIY Packing Tape labels were the solution ~ and so quick and fun to make.

How to Make Packing Tape Labels for Kitchen Organization:

Learning how to make packing tape labels is a simple solution to add practical and pretty style in your kitchen organization. This tutorial will show the steps.

What you need:


1. Print labels off with a laser or toner-based printer

Print off labels in the size you prefer on regular printer paper from your home computer.

You really do need a laser or toner-based printer. I have an ink-jet and you’ll see how it affected the labels. The labels will look a lot better if you use a laser or toner-based printer instead.

How to make packing tape labels for kitchen organization

2. Cut the labels and put them on the tape

Cut the labels apart and stick packing tape to the back of each.

3. Rub the ink onto the tape

Using a Popsicle stick or the handle of a knife, burnish the paper onto the tape by pressing down firmly and rubbing in all directions.

How to make packing tape labels for kitchen organization

4. Soak the labels

Place the label in a bowl of very warm water for 2 minutes.

How to make packing tape labels for kitchen organization

5. Rub the paper off the tape

Remove from the water and gently rub the paper off the back.

This is where it was more difficult because I didn’t use a laser printer. I had to leave a bit of the paper on where the writing was, or the writing would rub off!

How to make packing tape labels for kitchen organization

6. Let the labels dry

Let the labels air dry, and as they do, the “sticky” of the tape will magically re-appear!

How to make packing tape labels for kitchen organization

7. Stick the labels to the wood slice

Stick the label onto whatever surface you’re labeling. In my case, they went directly on the wood slices.

How to make packing tape labels for kitchen organization

This could work well on plastic, ceramic, or glass. It’s such a fun way to add some spice into your organized life! Wouldn’t these labels look cute on some of these organized baking supply containers?

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