How to Make Soy Wax Tarts


You can make these wonderful smelling soy wax tarts in no time. They are a fraction of the cost of store-bought wax tarts.

Hi everyone, I’m Lisa from Life on Merlin and I am going to show you how to make these wonderful smelling soy wax tarts in no time! They are easy, fun, and inexpensive to make. Make them for yourself or give them as an awesome gift!

How to make soy wax tarts

I just love candles but sometimes they can be pretty expensive to buy. You can make them yourself, but the process of wicking can be a little tricky.

Wax tarts are one of my favorite ways to bring fragrance into the home. But, have you priced those? Some go for around $2.00 each! I like to burn them a lot so that’s a little pricey for me. So…..why not make your own?

Once you have the supplies, it’s much cheaper to make soy wax tarts than to buy them. They can also make a thoughtful homemade gift.

How to Make Soy Wax Tarts

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What You Need:

What You Do:

Measure 16 ounces of soy wax flakes into the pyrex measuring cup.

Soy Wax

Put some water in a saucepan, put the measuring cup in the pan with water and boil until the wax has melted.


Once it has melted, remove the measuring cup from the saucepan and add the fragrance. Stir until it is mixed well then pour into the mini muffin pan. If you would like to add color to your tarts, do so while adding the fragrance. Just make sure the color is safe for candles.

Soy Wax Tarts

Let them sit for about 20 minutes until they are solid. The wax will turn white. Then pop them in the freezer for about 10 minutes. This will make them come out of the pan easier. Actually, most of the time as soon as I turn the pan over, the soy tarts just fall right out!

Put the soy wax tarts in a tart warmer and enjoy the wonderful smell throughout your house!

How to Make soy wax tarts

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    1. That’s a wonderful question, Anya! I reached out to Lisa, the author of the post, to get her thoughts. She said, “I would say yes you can but fragrance oils will last longer.” Hope that helps!

      Happy crafting,
      Ideas for the Home by Kenarry®

        1. Hi Kim,
          Great question! There are two methods I would recommend trying:
          1. Pop the Pyrex cup into your freezer for 10 minutes. After that the wax should just chip right off the glass. OR
          2. You could re-heat the glass measuring cup and while the wax is still warm wipe it out with a paper towel, then run it through your dishwasher.
          Let us know which of those methods works better for you. Have a great weekend!
          Best wishes,
          Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

  1. Hi… love these tarts and it may be the solution I was looking for. I’m looking for a base element that I can use to create some ‘sniff boxes’. In your opinion, would I be able to add a higher concentration of essential oils (my own proprietary blends) and pour this mixture into tiny handheld, hard plastic boxes without plastic chemicals leaching into the wax before it cooled? Crazy question, I know, but just trying to gather some answers. 😀
    Deborah Kay

    1. Hi Deborah,
      That’s an excellent question. Unfortunately we don’t know the answer. I’d recommend contacting a manufacturer of the soy wax flakes that you plan to use and/or the manufacturer of the hard plastic boxes. The plastic box manufacturer should especially know whether chemicals from the plastic would leach into any hot liquids that you pour into them. You’d also want to ask them whether you should be concerned that the hard plastic would melt.

      Good luck with your project! Let us know how it works out.

      Best wishes,
      Ideas for the Home by Kenarry®

  2. How many wax melts (using the 24 cup mini muffin pan) did the 16 ounces of melted wax make? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Rachel,

      16 ounces of melted wax usually makes pretty close to 25 melts. Good luck making them. You will love them!


    1. Hi Judy,
      Add the fragrance and the color as soon as you remove the measuring cup filled with boiling wax. Be sure the coloring you use is safe for candles.

      Happy crafting!

      Best wishes,

  3. Hello, just a quick question, but can you use zoflora in place of essential fragrances? I really like the smell and wanted to make some melts using it.


    1. Hi Danyelle,
      I’m not familiar with zoflora. You’ll need to check with that product’s manufacturer directly to see if it’s a safe replacement for essential oils for a project like this.

      Best wishes,

    1. Hi Brynna,
      Great question! You can use any brand or kind of fragrance oil you’d like. I’d recommend looking in the candle section at your favorite retailer.
      Best wishes,
      Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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