DIY Pride and Prejudice Graphic Tee Shirt + Free Printable


If you love Pride and Prejudice, you’ll love this easy-to-make graphic t-shirt with all your favorite characters’ names! Make your own DIY Pride and Prejudice shirt in no time at all!

Hello again, Kenarry readers!  This is Valerie from Occasionally Crafty.  Before I start today’s post, I wanted to let you know that this is my last Creative Team post.  I’m moving on to other things (and actually moving!) this summer, so my time here is at an end.  Thank you for stopping by each month to see my projects- I have appreciated every view, like, retweet, and comment!

Pride and Prejudice Graphic Tee Tutorial

Easy DIY Pride and Prejudice shirt tutorial

For today’s project: have you seen those fun graphic tees with the names of your favorite characters on them?  I love them, but they are way too expensive to buy when I can easily make them myself!  I’m going to show you how to do it with a cutting machine, and for those of you without one, I have a free printable you can download.

I absolutely love Pride and Prejudice–specifically, the BBC miniseries (and of course, the book itself).  So, I decided to make my graphic tee using my favorite characters from the book.

What You need:

You will need the following:

  • Blank t-shirt
  • HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl- online or in craft stores)
  • Cutting machine like a Silhouette
  • Iron

How to Make a DIY Pride and Prejudice shirt

Here’s how to make your very own shirt with names from the book. Now you can really show off what a huge Pride and Prejudice fan you are.

1. Download the free printable

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2. print and Cut the vinyl

Once you have the Pride and Prejudice names template, print it out on a piece of heat transfer vinyl.

Cut it on your cutter (shiny side down!) and weed away the excess vinyl, leaving your names behind on the carrier sheet. This is why I love my Silhouette cutting machine so much!

Pride and Prejudice Graphic Tshirt Tutorial

3. Iron the HTV on your shirt

Place your HTV on your shirt as desired and iron it on.  I set up on the hard tile floor with a piece of cardboard in between the front and back of the shirt.  I use a piece of parchment paper over the HTV and basically put my whole body weight on the iron for about 20 seconds on each section of the design.

Graphic Tee HTV Tutorial

4. Peel away the carrier sheet

Let it cool for just a moment, then peel away the clear carrier sheet.

HTV Graphic Tee Tutorial

5. check with parchment paper

Then, replace the parchment paper over the design and press again, just to make sure it’s really on there good.

Once your shirt has cooled, you can wear it and find other Pride and Prejudice fans wherever you go!

Pride and Prejudice Graphic Tee - DIY Pride and Prejudice shirt tutorial

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