Printable Teacher Appreciation Card for End of School


Get this Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Card so your child can say “thanks a latte” for all a teacher did this year. Just attach a coffee gift card!

Where would we be without teachers? This free Printable Teacher Appreciation Card allows your child to say “thanks a latte” for all they did this school year.

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Card for the End of School. Attach a coffee gift card and have your child decorate to say "thank a latte" for a great year! -

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We recently asked our Kenarry readers for advice about whether it’s appropriate to give a teacher a card or gift at the end of the school year. We shared their responses last week and offered 5 ways to give thanks when school ends plus countless teacher gift ideas. From that post, we learned four key things:

  1. It is important to teach children to show appreciation.
  2. Teachers should be recognized for their hard work all year. Many go above and beyond to serve their students in the classroom.
  3. The gift doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s the thought that counts.
  4. Gifts that are personalized by the student are especially valued or cherished by teachers.

After gathering those great ideas and insights, we decided to create our own Printable Teacher Appreciation Card for our three year old son to color for his teachers. The thank you card includes puns about coffee, so we attached a $10 Starbucks gift card as a token of our appreciation. It was so easy to do and a big hit with our son’s 3-School teachers. We wanted to share the Printable Teacher Appreciation Card as a FREE digital download for Kenarry Idea Insiders.

Printable Teacher Appreciation Card for the End of School -

Printable Teacher Appreciation Card

What you need:


1. Get the free “Thanks a Latte” Teacher Appreciation Card.

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2. Print and Cut the Printable Teacher Appreciation Card.

Print the card in color on white card stock. We wanted the “Thanks A Latte” message to be the inside of the card, but first we folded it backwards so we could trim the edges with scissors.

Printable Teacher Appreciation Card for the End of School -

3. Have your child decorate the card. 

Allow your child to draw pictures and color the card anyway he (or she) wants. This is their opportunity to personalize the card and express their gratitude to their teachers.

Printable Teacher Appreciation Card for the End of School -

4. Attach the gift card. 

Use tape to affix the coffee gift card to the inside of the card below where it says “Thanks A Latte.”

Printable Teacher Appreciation Card for the End of School -

5. Sign, seal and deliver.

Have your child write his or her name on the bottom of the card. Our son loved “signing” the card himself. He’s only three so his signature is still illegible, though his teachers have been showing him how to write his name in 3-School this year. After he signed, I asked him if he wanted me to print his name next to it. He responded confidently, “No, they’ll know it’s from me!”

Printable Teacher Appreciation Card for the End of School -

I happened to be the parent helper in my son’s classroom the day he delivered the cards to his teachers. I loved seeing him walk up to each teacher individually to verbally thank her for being his teacher this year. He gave each one a hug and then proudly handed her the card he made for her himself.

This Printable Teacher Appreciation Card is an easy inexpensive way to teach your child to show appreciation and to delight his or her teachers at the same time. What are you planning to do to thank your child’s teachers at the end of the year? Please comment below and share.

What’s Next?

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Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Card for the End of School. Attach a coffee gift card and have your child decorate to say "thank a latte" for a great year! -

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  1. I heard somewhere recently in a radio interview that the favorite or best gift this teacher ever received was a card or letter from her students. I love that you are encouraging just this sentiment with your cute card. My fav is those adorable little scribbles! Visiting you via “TheWednesdayRoundUp” linkup

    1. Barb, Thanks for your kind words about the printable card we created. I can see why a personal card would be a teacher’s favorite gift from her students. I’m so glad you stopped by from “The Wednesday Round Up”!

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