Quick And Easy DIY Spring Wreath Idea


Learn how to make an easy and stylish DIY spring wreath. In just a few simple steps, you can make this modern and natural-looking bird’s nest wreath.

Have you ever had a go at making your own DIY Spring Wreath?  Well, whether you are a seasoned wreath maker or a complete newbie this super stylish (and more importantly super simple) DIY wreath idea is a great project to try.

DIY Spring Wreath Idea - Learn how to make this simple and stylish bird's nest wreath in a few easy steps

Hi, Kenarry readers it’s Sam here from A Happy Home In Holland, back again to share another quick and easy DIY craft idea.

Every year I like to have a go at making my own DIY spring wreath and this year was no exception.  I decided to make a simple design where I could incorporate some lovely speckled feathers that I had just bought.

DIY Spring Wreath Idea - Learn how to make this simple and stylish bird's nest wreath in a few easy steps
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How To Make A DIY Spring Wreath

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What You Need:

A Styrofoam wreath with twine


Step 1: Secure The Twine

Tie the end of the twine around the polystyrene wreath, securing it at the back with a double knot.

Tying the twine around the wreath

Step 2: Wrap The Twine Around The Wreath

Neatly begin wrapping the twine around the wreath making sure that it is tight enough and that there are no gaps.

Because the wreath is smaller on the inside, the twine can start to slant.  You can correct this by overlapping every 6th wrap just at the bottom and keeping it normal at the top.

When the whole wreath is completely covered, secure it at the back.  It is also a good idea also to make a loop with the excess twine and secure it again so that you have something to hang it up with.

Adding straw and faux eggs to the spring wreath

Step 3: Make a Straw Birds Nest

This step is really easy, you just grab a handful of your straw or raffia and squeeze it into a ball.  Then with it sitting in your cupped hand, use your fingers to make an indentation.

Step 4: Secure Your Nest And Add Eggs

The plastic eggs that I used had little wires attached to them, which I used to secure them to the bottom of the nest. I then used double florist pins to secure the nest onto the polystyrene wreath.

Alternatively, you can do these steps with a glue gun.

Step 5: Add Feathers

Choose a few different sized feathers and tuck into a nest around the eggs.  You can glue these if you want but I chose to just leave them tucked in as they were quite secure.

DIY Spring Wreath Idea - Learn how to make this simple and stylish bird's nest wreath in a few easy steps

I chose to do mine using neutral colors but you could totally jazz this idea up and use brighter colors.

I also think it would look great using different shades of the lovely pastel colors that you always see around at this time of year.

Another idea, which I may add later, is to add some mini triangular bunting flags to the top.  These would look really cute stamped with individual letters that spell ‘spring’.

Hopefully, this little tutorial has given you a bit of inspiration to go off and make your own creation.

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