Recycled Magazine Art: How To Create A Ceramic Mosaic Look With Paper


Learn how to create recycled magazine art that looks like a faux ceramic mosaic with paper. It’s a great way to recycle magazines and colored paper!

This easy recycled magazine art uses a technique that makes the paper look like ceramic mosaic tiles!

I’m Suzy from Suzy’s Sitcom.  Creating beautiful home decor from recycled items is one of my passions.  I’m so happy to share with you one of my favorite techniques, creating a ceramic mosaic look with just paper!  

Create a ceramic mosaic look with paper

My husband and I travel and live full time in our RV experiencing as much of the country as we can.  Where crafts are concerned, I am often influenced by the places that we go to and the people that we meet.  

This project was created as a way to use up a stash of color magazines and travel brochures that we had accumulated.  Creating beautiful recycled magazine art is one of my favorites! Like this beautiful framed artwork. In a 400 square foot home on wheels, we don’t have a ton of room for things.  So crafting must occur!

How to Make Recycled Magazine Art Look like a Ceramic Mosaic!

I just love this paper mosaic idea! When you use the paper, it really does turn out looking like you used tiles.

For this project, I decorated a small stool using travel brochures, but any color magazines or bright paper will work!

What you need: 

How to create a faux ceramic mosaic with paper.  A great use for recycled magazines!

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Craft/DIY Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

Paper Mosaic Instructions:

Just follow these instructions to make your own paper mosaic craft.

1. Prepare the surface

Putting paper on a tabletop to make it look like ceramic mosaic

Paint the base of the stool with teal acrylic paint.  Use the gray acrylic paint for the top of the stool.  The gray paint will serve as your “mortar” or “grout” in the mosaic.   Choose some brightly colored paper and begin cutting out shapes.

Cutting out paper that you will mod podge onto a stool.

As you can see in the photo above, I had used charcoal to draw in an idea of the flower outlines. You can also use chalk if you have it on hand. (Be sure to rub the outlines out before applying the Mod Podge).

2. Create the paper mosaic

Cutting out paper and gluing it to a stool so it looks like ceramic mosaic.

Brush a small section of the drawing with matte Mod Podge.  Place colored paper pieces over the Mod Podge and then brush Mod Podge over them.  This will hold the paper from your recycled magazines in place.

Bright paper shapes glued to a stool that looks like mosaic flowers.

Fill the rest of the stool top with brightly colored pieces of paper being sure to leave spaces between the paper to represent the grout in a mosaic. There is no wrong way to do this recycled magazine art!

3. Create the Ceramic Look

Squeezing Dimensional Magic on the papers to make them look like ceramic pieces.

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic is the secret to turning your paper pieces into the look of ceramic.  Simply squeeze a small amount of Dimensional Magic on each individual piece of paper and use the tip of the tube to spread it.  (Do not shake the bottle or it can result in bubbles). 

Apply the Dimensional Magic to the paper pieces and not to the grout areas.  This will create the look of mosaic ceramic tiles. 

4. Allow the project to dry

Let the project dry

It will take the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic about two hours to dry completely.  It will dry to a clear, shiny finish that brings out the vibrant colors of the paper. 

Looking for creative projects or ideas that are perfect for kids and adults? Turn a stool into recycled magazine art. Learn how to make a faux DIY ceramic mosaic with paper.  A great use for pictures from old magazines! #crafts #diy #mosiac #homedecor #upcycle #recycle #kenarry

The result is a beautiful mosaic tile piece of recycled magazine art with the look of ceramic tiles.  What a great use of recycled paper!

How to create a faux ceramic mosaic with paper.  A great use for recycled magazines!

This little stool will brighten up your home and creates a colorful centerpiece for any room.  What else can you create with this technique?  How about a pretty frame, tabletop, lazy susan, or wall art!  There are so many possibilities for this faux technique!

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  1. I’ve followed Suzy for years and created many beautiful projects following her easy-to-follow instructions with photos every step of the way. Thank you Suzy for your magnificent talent and your generosity in sharing it. xXxX Grambo

  2. I just found your site and am in crafting heaven! Thank you for all your generosity- detailed instructions, great step-by-step photos, patterns, and sharing your amazing talent!
    I am going to try this on a tray. Do you seal the final product?
    Thank you!

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