Simple Upcycled Can Burlap And Lace Vase


Learn how to make a simple upcycled can burlap and lace vase. It works great as a kitchen utensil canister, office pen caddy, makeup brush holder or a flower vase.

Create a Simple Upcycled Can Burlap and Lace Vase for the kitchen, office, bathroom or any other room.

upcycled can using burlap and lace

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Hey there Kenarry Readers! Have you seen the burlap that Carrie and Kent recently listed on Amazon? It is pretty fantastic!! I purchased a roll of the Ideas for the Home by Kenarry® product immediately after reading their newsletter announcement and I have nothing but good things to say about it. In fact, I have a little something to share with you today using their fantastic burlap ribbon.

Before I go any further I think it is important for you to know that neither Carrie nor Kent had any idea that I purchased a roll of their burlap from Amazon. Nor did either of them know that I would be creating and sharing a project here on the Kenarry website featuring their product. But I just couldn’t help myself!! I love this stuff.

Simple Upcycled Can Burlap and Lace Vase by Trish Sutton

What I love: the width & length are ‘just right’ (5 inch x 10 yards), the feel is softer than other burlap that I have worked with and best of all the edges are sewn. Read: no fraying – at least not on my first project using the Kenarry burlap. Speaking of my first project, let’s get to it!

Using my new favorite burlap ribbon I created a versatile yet simple upcycled can burlap and lace vase. Think utensil canister for the kitchen, pen caddy for the office, makeup brush holder for the bathroom or a flower vase for any other room.

Simple Upcycled Can Burlap and Lace Vase by Trish Sutton
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Simple Upcycled Can Burlap and Lace Vase


Note: I used a 24 ounce can which was just the right height for the burlap ribbon. However, simply cutting, layering or creating a fold in the burlap would work for any other size can.

Simple Upcycled Can Burlap and Lace Vase by Trish Sutton


To begin clean out a used vegetable can and peel off the label. Spray paint the outside of the can white. (You could use any color, I chose white because of the lace ribbon but the color is almost non existent under the burlap.)

Simple Upcycled Can Burlap and Lace Vase by Trish Sutton

After the spray paint dries attach the edge of the burlap to the can with a few dots of hot glue. Wrap the burlap ribbon around the can until the entire can is covered. Cut & glue that end of burlap to the upcycled can.

Simple Upcycled Can Burlap and Lace Vase by Trish Sutton

Follow the same steps with the jute. Continue to wrap it around the can until your desired look is achieved. Cut the end then secure it with a dot of hot glue.

Simple Upcycled Can Burlap and Lace Vase by Trish Sutton

Center a piece of lace ribbon over the jute then secure the ribbon with a dot of hot glue in the same place you glued the jute. Glue any desired embellishment onto the seam of the jute and ribbon.

Simple Upcycled Can Burlap and Lace Vase by Trish Sutton

Beautiful! In fact, this Simple Upcycled Can Burlap & Lace Vase is pretty enough to use as a gift for Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, birthdays or any other special occasion.

Cheers! ~ Trish

P.S. If you would like to purchase this awesome burlap ribbon you’ll find it on Amazon!

Simple Upcycled Can with Burlap and Lace Vase

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  1. I love burlap and this is an easy, fun and beautiful little project. You could embellish the can anyway you like! I wish my grandkids lived close enough so I could help them make this little project for their mom for Mother’s Day!

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