Spring Home Maintenance Checklist: Free Printable


This free printable Spring Home Maintenance Checklist helps you keep your home in excellent condition, outside and inside, this season.

Spring is like a long lost friend after the cold, dreary winter months. The warmer weather brings new energy and enthusiasm to tackle projects and get organized around the house. With this free printable Spring Home Maintenance Checklist, we’ll help you keep your home in excellent condition, outside and inside, this season.

This free printable Spring Home Maintenance Checklist helps you keep your home in excellent condition, outside and inside, this season.

Several months ago, we started a series of home maintenance checklists for each of the four seasons to help you keep your home in excellent condition all year-round. In spring, the days are getting longer and the weather is finally getting warmer. After a long winter of hibernating, it’s time to open the windows, dust off the furniture and get organized for a new season. Below you’ll find suggestions for a Spring Home Maintenance Checklist. We also created a printable version so you can easily carry it with you around the house.

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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

outdoor tasks:

Indoor tasks:

  • Deep clean the kitchen, including wiping down cabinets and woodwork. Wash potholders. Empty crumbs from the bottom of the toaster and all those other overlooked nooks and crannies in your kitchen.
  • Deep clean the bathroom, including wiping down cabinets and woodwork. Scrub tile or linoleum floors and wash rugs.
  • Spot clean the walls to remove dirt, grime and scuff marks. A new tennis ball works great for removing scuff marks from tile, woodwork, vinyl and even painted walls.
  • Wash winter blankets, quilts and linens. Replace with lighter weight bedding.
  • Vacuum crumbs and pet hair from furniture upholstery.
  • Wash and put away winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves.
  • Change or clean furnace filters, if recommended by manufacturer.
  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

What else would you add to this Spring Home Maintenance Checklist? Please comment below to let us know. We’re always looking for new ideas.

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This free printable Spring Home Maintenance Checklist helps you keep your home in excellent condition, outside and inside, this season.

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    1. Thanks Amanda! I don’t wash mine nearly often enough either. That’s probably why it came to mind when I was making the checklist. Thanks for stopping by AND for sharing it!

  1. Awesome checklist! I definitely need to remember to change all the detector batteries. And thanks for the link to the perennial plants to trim! I have NO idea what to do when it comes to gardening but now that I have a house we have flowers and plants everywhere. This’ll definitely give me a better grasp on what to do!

    1. I actually made a list of all the types of plants in our flower beds, then consulted that link to the instructions about perennial plants. I made notes of what to do in the spring vs. the fall. So much fun being a homeowner, isn’t it?

  2. Great list! I would have never thought to use a tennis ball to remove scuff marks! Thank you for linking up and sharing this on the #ShareTheWealthSunday blog hop!

  3. Thank you for the free printable. There are definitely some things here that I could work on. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Hope to see you again tomorrow!

  4. This list is a great reminder of what we need to do once winter has left us. Thank you so much for the printable and for sharing it with Share It one More Time. Pinning. Cathy

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