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Star Wars Party Favors: Free Printable Treat Tags

These free printable treat tags say “May the Force Be With You” and work great as Star Wars Party Favors for a birthday, valentines or lunch box notes.

Does your child love Star Wars? These free printable treat tags say “May the Force Be With You” and work great as Star Wars Party Favors for a birthday. You could also use them as valentines or lunch box notes for school!

Star Wars Inspired Free Printable Treat Tags

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Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Our oldest son is a huge Star Wars fan. This past winter he watched all of the Star Wars movies with his dad and could not wait until The Force Awakens came out on Blu-ray. We even incorporated some Star Wars decor into his new outer space bedroom this spring. 

When he turned six years old a few months, we weren’t surprised at all when he said he wanted a Star Wars themed birthday.

Unlike the puzzle party favors we created for his fifth birthday last year, it was really easy to put together Star Wars birthday treats for our son to take to school this year. With all the Star Wars snacks, stickers, toys and trinkets available these days, there is no shortage of ideas and opportunities we could use to create a fantastic treat his kindergarten friends would love.

A blue bag filled with Star Wars treats with a printable tag that says "May the Force Be With You."

In fact, it didn’t take us long to find Star Wars shaped graham crackers, Star Wars fruit snacks, and Star Wars stickers. A quick trip to our grocery store and our favorite dollar store was all we needed.

We quickly put these treasures in a outer space blue treat bag tied with metallic ribbon. The only thing left to do was create printable tags that say, “May the Force Be With You” to attach to the Star Wars party favors. If you want to use these “May the Force Be With You” tags for your own Star Wars party favors, they’re available as a FREE digital download exclusively from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry®.

A blue bag filled with Star Wars treats with a printable tag that says "May the Force Be With You."

How to Make Star Wars Party Favors

This birthday treat idea would also work great as party favors if you’re hosting a Star Wars themed party for your child’s birthday. We’re sharing the free printable we created for your personal use only.

What You Need:

What a cute and easy idea for Star Wars party favors! Just fill a treat bag with Star Wars crackers, stickers, fruit snacks or trinkets then attach the free printable "May the Force Be With You" tags. My son would love to give these as a birthday treat or valentines at school!


1. Get the tags for the Star Wars Party Favors.

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Once you have the file, print the tags for the Star Wars Party Favors on white card stock.

Scissors cutting printable gift tags that read May the Force Be With You.

2. Cut and punch the tags for the Star Wars Party Favors. 

Cut the tags apart. I used scissors this time but if you want straighter lines, I’d suggest using a paper trimmer. For Christmas a few years ago, the boys got me the Purple Cows 2 in 1 Guillotine/Rotary Trimmer. It’s so fast and easy!

Next, I used a simple hole punch in the corner so I could easily tie the tags onto the Star Wars Party Favors.

What can you use if you don’t have a paper hole punch?

If you don’t have a paper hole punch, don’t worry, I have a simple hack.

Just use a nail or pin. Press down just hard enough to press the sharp point through the paper. This will give you a hole large enough for the ribbons.

Using a paper hole puncher on the
Star Wars gift tag that says May the Force Be With You.

3. Fill the cellophane bags with treats. 

This next step is my son’s favorite part!

Gather the Star Wars fruit snacksgraham crackersstickers or other trinkets you wish to include in the Star Wars party favors. Put one of each item into a cellophane bag. Then continue to do so with the remaining bags until you have filled enough for your child’s class or birthday party guests.

Ribbon, Star Wars Treats, bags, and tags for Star Wars birthday party treat bags.

4. Tie the tags on the Star Wars Party Favors.

Cut the ribbons to the size you need, making sure you have enough for curling or tying (whatever your preference is). Lace the ribbons through the hole in the Star Wars printable tags.

Tying May the Force Be With You gift tags with metallic ribbons

Next tie the ribbons around the top of each cellophane bag. If your child is in kindergarten or lower elementary school, like my son, you may want to tie the knots loosely. Small children don’t have the fine motor skills or patience for tough knots.

May the Force Be With You printable Star Wars gift tags

Use scissors to curl the ribbons, if desired and you’re done with this quick birthday treat idea!

4 Star Wars birthday party treat bags

Now you have a colorful and fun treat to give to your child’s friends at school or as a favor at his or her birthday party. You could also use this free printable for your child’s classmates when Valentine’s Day rolls around again.

What’s the most creative birthday treat you’ve made for your child’s classmates? Please comment below and share. We’re always looking for new ideas!

What’s Next?

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A cute star wars birthday party gift bag with a tag that reads May the Force Be With You

Originally published July 2016. Updated July 2018.


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