Summer Home Maintenance Checklist: Free Printable


This free printable Summer Home Maintenance Checklist helps you keep your home in excellent condition, outside and inside, this season. Print it and keep it somewhere handy! You’ll definitely use it.

It’s time to be outside enjoying the beautiful summer weather and long days to tackle all those projects you’ve been putting off! With this free printable Summer Home Maintenance Checklist, we’ll help you keep your home in excellent condition, outside and inside, this season.

This free printable Summer Home Maintenance Checklist helps you keep your home in excellent condition, outside and inside, this season.

Free Home Maintenance Checklists

Last fall, we started a series of home maintenance checklists for each of the four seasons to help you keep your home in excellent condition all year-round. 

Summer is the time to be outside soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. Tackle the outdoor tasks early in the day when the weather is cooler and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen. Save the indoor tasks for rainy days.

Below you’ll find suggestions for a Summer Home Maintenance Checklist. We also created a printable version so you can easily carry it with you around the house.

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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Here is what you will find on this checklist and why they are so important.

outdoor tasks:

Every summer you need to take care of the following outdoor chores:

  • Plant and maintain flower and/or vegetable gardens.
  • Remove everything from garages and sheds. Sweep or hose them out and then reorganize as you put away garden tools, automotive equipment and other household items you keep in your garage.
  • Touch up exterior paint as need be.
  • Wash and stain your deck, if necessary.
  • Periodically wipe down seasonal toys and lawn furniture to keep them clean and free of spiders and other pests.

indoor tasks:

Don’t forget about the inside of your home too. Here is what you should take care of during the summer months.

  • Wash windows and screens inside and out. Wipe down the window sills. Clean the track for the glass sliding door.
  • Once you’re past the pollen season, use glass cleaner to wipe the picture frames on walls and shelves. Replace any outdated photos.
  • Bring summer clothes to the front of the closet and hide winter clothes in the back or store away for the season. Give away anything that no longer fits or you no longer wear.
  • Wash all throw blankets.
  • Clean or change air conditioning filter.

What else would you add to this Summer Home Maintenance Checklist? Please comment below to let us know. We’re always looking for new ideas.

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This free printable Summer Home Maintenance Checklist helps you keep your home in excellent condition, outside and inside, this season.

Originally published June 2015. Updated June 2018.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I know chores are the last thing I want to do in summer, but it’s important to maintain things. Thanks for linking up to Small Victories Sunday Linkup!

    1. Hi Tanya, summer is sometimes when we get our best home projects done around the house. That is, of course, if we have a free weekend to actually do them! I’m glad you came over from Small Victories Sunday to pay us a visit.

  2. Awesome, this is so helpful! We just moved into a house with a giant yard, so we’ll be doing more yard maintenance than ever before! So excited to utilize this!

    1. Congratulations on your new home, Leah! Enjoy getting settled in and finding great ways to utilize that big back yard. Glad this list could be helpful!

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