Summer Spotlight: Jenny from The Melrose Family


The Summer Spotlight focuses on great ideas for the home from a different blogger each week. This week the spotlight is on Jenny from The Melrose Family.

Welcome to the Summer Spotlight where we’re sharing great ideas for the home from a new blogger each week this summer! This week our featured blogger is Jenny from The Melrose Family.

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Hello everyone! I’m Carrie from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry® and today I’m excited to share one of my favorite bloggers with you — Jenny from The Melrose Family. If you’re already familiar with her, you might be thinking “Hey, wait a minute! I thought Jenny’s blog was called The NY Melrose Family?!” While Jenny IS a born and bred New Yorker through and through, she and her family moved to North Carolina earlier this summer. With a fresh start for her family, Jenny also thought it was time for a fresh start for the blog. She dropped the “NY” from her name and recently launched a new and improved blog design to better showcase her crafts, delicious recipes, party planning ideas and her passion for essential oils. She also shares useful tips and tricks for parenting, travel and cleaning.

Jenny Melrose from The Melrose Family featured in the Summer Spotlight


My first encounter with Jenny actually had nothing to do with her great ideas for the home, but rather her expertise with social media. I was just starting our blog and kept hearing how I needed to get involved with Google+, especially for the search engine optimization benefits. I quickly discovered Jenny was THE go-to person when it came to learning the ins/outs of Google+. Jenny had an entire series of helpful video tutorials which explain why you should be on Google+, how to maximize your posts, etiquette and benefits of sharing others posts and so much more. I watched each of the videos eagerly to soak up all of her valuable insights (while I was folding laundry, I might add!) At that point, Jenny was approaching 200,000 followers on Google+. While I thought that was impressive at the time, by the time Google+ ended she had over HALF A MILLION followers on Google+! What most impressed me about Jenny though, was how friendly, approachable and quick she was to respond whenever I reached out to her with my blogging questions.

As I’ve gotten to know Jenny through her blog, I’ve come to appreciate her heart for inspiring others and especially her love for her husband and two young girls. Jenny recently “retired” from teaching to live out her dream of focusing on her family while building her business. I just love how both her focuses have the same title: The Melrose Family. Jenny sums it up best in a recent post called Why Moms Need to Dream:

“Whether you are a working mom that does the 9-5 or a stay at home mom that wrangles multiple kiddos all day long, do you get the feeling ever so often like there’s something missing?  Do not get me wrong, my girls are my world and I would do everything in my power for them, but is there a piece of you that wonders where ‘you’ went.  Their world becomes yours the second that you give birth and hold those tiny little fingers in your hand, but you can lose yourself in that world and this is why moms need to dream.”

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the amazing recipes, crafts and other inspiring ideas Jenny has been dreaming up on her blog. As always, if you like any of the ideas we’re casting the spotlight on today and want to save them for later, please click through and pin or share them directly from The Melrose Family.

Great Ideas from The Melrose Family

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll want to start by checking out some of the amazing desserts on The Melrose Family. These Lime Cheesecake Shooters are a particularly popular recipe. I’m sure you can see why.

Lime Cheesecake Shooters from The Melrose Family featured in the Summer Spotlight

You can also tell Jenny’s recently moved to a hot southern state since many of her recipes lately have been delicious popsicle ideas, like these Watermelon and Blueberry Popsicles (As of 10/15/2019, this link is no longer available):

Watermelon and Blueberry Popsicles from The Melrose Family featured in the Summer Spotlight

This past year, Jenny has shared a lot about how she’s been preparing healthier meals for her family and exercising more. One of her favorite healthy treats is this recipe for Cranberry and Pomegranate Energy Balls, which are packed with good for you ingredients like flax seed.

egranate Energy Balls from The Melrose Family featured in the Summer Spotlight

Rather than always indulging in sweets when she needs a special treat, Jenny has started to make sugar scrubs that remind her of food like this Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub.

Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub from The Melrose Family featured in the Summer Spotlight

On The Melrose Family, you’ll also see some of the cutest, most clever ideas Jenny has when it comes to throwing parties for her daughters. One of the ideas I love is this Art Party for a kid’s birthday, with “painter’s popcorn” and a special craft.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas: An Art Party from The Melrose Family featured in the Summer Spotlight

With two boys of my own, I never really get to make anything fun and girly. I guess that’s why my eyes were drawn to the bright pink Dip Dyed Photo Back Drop Jenny created for her daughter’s baptism. Can you believe she used old khaki pants?!

Dip Dyed Photo Back Drop from The Melrose Family featured in the Summer Spotlight

Jenny also shares great tips for maintaining your home including things you don’t normally think of that need cleaning like How to Clean a Front Load Washer and How to Clean a Shower Head.

How to Clean a Shower Head from The Melrose Family featured in the Summer Spotlight

This gives you just a little taste of the great ideas and home tips you’ll find over at The Melrose Family. For more great ideas like these, you can follow Jenny at The Melrose Family and on social media:

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  1. Carrie,
    Thank you so much! Your words were so kind and meant so much to me. I truly believe that some of the relationships that we as bloggers form online, are some of the strongest relationships we have because we understand each other. Thank you again!

    1. You are so welcome, my friend. I wholeheartedly agree — there’s just something special about these friendships with people who share the same hopes, dreams and love of the craft of blogging. I’m thrilled you like the feature and hope you have a GREAT week! 🙂

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