Wine Cork Message Board: A Crafty Bulletin Board Idea


Use leftover wine corks to make a bulletin board! It’s super easy with this step-by-step tutorial. All you need is some corks, a hot glue gun, and a frame.

Hi all! I’m Meg from Green With Decor, back with another easy craft project today.

I have quite the wine cork obsession (see this wall decor project, this easy countertop project, these wedding place cards or, if you’re in the Christmas spirit, this one or this one).

Well that didn’t stop me from using some of my corks for yet another DIY project.

A Crafty Bulletin Board Idea - Make a bulletin board out of wine corks.

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How to make a wine cork bulletin board:

This is a really easy home decor craft. You can even get your kids to help you. If you have some friends that enjoy DIY decor, make some extras and give them as gifts.

Here’s how to make your own bulletin board, with some step-by-step pictures.

Supply list:

A hot glue gun and loose wine corks in a shadow box.

Note: you can either find a deep frame (like I did) that will fit full corks, or you’ll have to cut the corks in half so they fit inside a shallower frame. I went the easy route and picked a deeper frame!

DIY Bulletin board Directions

Here’s how to turn a pile of wine corks into a DIY cork board! It’s super simple and an easy weekend craft.

1. Paint an old frame

I painted this old frame last year and used it as a chalkboard for awhile. (Also a super easy craft project, you can read how I did it here.)

Be sure to paint the inside of the frame, too, if you’ll be able to see any part of it after the corks are in.

2. Line up your corks inside the frame

Don’t glue them in until you make sure they all fit. It’s kind of a big puzzle, moving all of the corks around till they fit.

You can cut the ends of corks, too, if you can’t get them to line up exactly inside the frame, but I played around with them to make them all fit.

Lining up wine corks inside a shadow box. This will become a bulletin board.

3. Glue the corks onto the back of the frame

I took out the bottom row, then started gluing from the second row up, moving up one row at a time.

When I was toward the top of the frame, I left out the second row and glued the top row in first.

I finished by gluing the corks in the second to top row and the very bottom row.

A close up of wine corks.

Let it dry for an hour or two before turning it up right.

You can hang it on the wall, but since this frame was so thick, I just set it on the desk in our office. You can see a full tour of the home office here.

A DIY Bulletin Board made out of wine corks.
A close up of a pink sticky note pinned to a cork board made out of wine corks.

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Originally published April 2017. Updated April 2018.

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