25 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers


Wondering what to get someone who loves electronics? Today we’re sharing our 25 favorite holiday gift ideas for tech lovers!

Techie, tech geek, music lover, DIY-er. If this sounds like someone you know, you’re bound to find helpful holiday gift ideas for tech lovers on this Christmas list.

25 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

As we start thinking ahead to the holidays, one thing that often gives us angst is trying to find the perfect gift for the people we love. My husband, Kent is a tech lover which makes him a challenge to shop for. Tech lovers love to stay on trend with the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos. This means they sometimes buy what they want before you have a chance to get it for them. Or their wish list is so technical, you don’t even know what all the terms mean and are overwhelmed the moment you start shopping.

Does this sound all too familiar? I thought I’d help you get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping this year by going straight to my resident tech expert and have Kent put together his dream list of holiday gift ideas for tech lovers.

25 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

25 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links for gift ideas we think you’ll like. This means if you make a purchase from one of these links, we’ll make a small commission at no additional cost to you so we can keep the great ideas for the home coming your way. All opinions expressed are our own, derived from our personal experience.

In true engineer fashion, Kent not only put together a comprehensive list for you, but he organized it to give you gift ideas for the cord cutter, for the DIY-er, for the adventurer, for the music lover and threw in some stocking stuffer ideas too! Here are Kent’s top 25 holiday gift ideas for tech lovers this year:

Gift Ideas for the Cord Cutter

Several years ago we decided to get serious about budgeting and “telling every dollar where to go”. In the process of analyzing our monthly expenses we decided to see if we could live without satellite TV and the $75/month expense that came with it. Over the last 7 years we’ve tried a number of different combinations to replace pay tv and while it’s been successful, only recently did we come across a combination we’re completely happy with.

1. Over The Air (OTA) Antenna

This is mandatory for cord cutters. Your location will determine the type of antenna and placement of it. We installed an antenna in the attic space above our garage and have a coax cable run into the mechanical room in the basement. In our area that allows us to receive high-definition broadcasts from all the major networks as well as some smaller ones. To optimize the performance you may also need a signal amplifier as well as a splitter to serve the signal to multiple TV’s. This will be highly dependent on your particular installation.

2. Tablo

We recently purchased a Tablo in order to record and watch over the air (OTA) television. In a word, the experience has been AWESOME! This little unit allows you to record and watch shows from a multitude of devices. As you’ll see further down the list, it does require an external USB hard drive for storage. I’d also recommend paying for their channel guide for the best experience. We opted for the lifetime subscription in order to avoid a monthly recurring cost.

3. Portable USB hard drive

This 2TB hard drive will give you plenty of storage for your favorite shows.

4. Amazon Fire TV Stick

This is the perfect pairing for your Tablo. Simply download the Tablo application for the set-top box and you can surf right to your recorded shows on the big screen as well as delete them!

5. Amazon Fire Tablet

If you prefer to watch shows on a mobile device this Fire Tablet is a great device to pair with Tablo and one of the best tablet deals on the market right now. Once again, simply download the free Tablo app and you’re in business.

6. Harmony Smart Remote Control with Smartphone App 

We’ve been using a Harmony remote control to tame our home entertainment for years. Their products are easy to use and they reduce coffee table clutter in your living room!

7. Amazon Prime Membership

If the free 2-day shipping wasn’t enough, access to Prime Video and Music should persuade you to subscribe. This pairs excellently with your Fire TV, Fire Stick, or Fire Tablet.

8. Netflix Membership

This is one membership we probably use every single day to catch up on past seasons of favorite shows or to entertain our boys.

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Gift Ideas for the DIY-er

9. Black and Decker Matrix

This is one of my favorite gifts that I received last year. The concept of quick change tools on standard base is genius and covers 99% of my DIY projects.

10. Battery Powered Trimmer and Edger

The engine on my gas weed trimmer recently blew up so I turned to this Black and Decker battery operated weed trimmer. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it did the job quite nicely and much more quietly than my old trimmer. And as a bonus, it shares the same battery that my Matrix system uses!

11. Battery Powered Leaf Sweeper

Another great cordless tool from Black and Decker.

12. Porter Cable Pancake Air Compressor

What DIYer doesn’t need compressed air from time to time?  Whether you’re nailing, grinding,  or blowing out sprinkler lines, compressed air can make the job easier. This portable air compressor is highly rated and the right price.

Gift Ideas for the Adventurer

13. Syma X5C Quad Copter

This is a great beginner drone at a really reasonable price!

14. Garmin GPS

This highly rated GPS will keep you on track no matter what your destination.

15. Rugged Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

This is a great way to listen to tunes on the go.

16. Apple Watch SE Sport

Cool tech for an adventurer.

17. GoPro Hero 8

Capture your adventures with this awesome and compact action cam.

18. Amazon Echo

Like to be on the cutting edge of technology? So does Oprah, and this made her list of favorite things!

 Gift Ideas for the Music Lover

19. Sonos

If you love music, this is a great way to wirelessly stream anywhere you can get a wi-fi signal. We use Sonos for our whole home audio system and love it!

20. Noise cancelling headphones

This is a great balance of cost and features including active noise cancellation and bluetooth connectivity.

21. JBL Charge 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I have this speaker on my desk at work and love the portability and sound quality. And the best part is that it acts as a speakerphone on incoming calls!

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Stocking Stuffers for Tech Lovers

22. USB Battery Charger

It seems like everything now days needs to charge via USB. Never run out of power with this USB charger.

23. USB Wall Charger

We’ve converted a number of outlets in our house to accept USB devices so we can keep all of our electronics fully charged!

24. Portable USB Wall Charger

And here is a version that’s easy to throw in your suitcase to make sure you always have available USB ports.

25. Headlamp

Incredibly handy when you’re working in an underlit area.

What would you add to this list of holiday gift ideas for tech lovers? Please comment below and share. With Christmas coming up, I’m always looking for new ideas of what I could buy for Kent. He already has most of the gadgets on this list!

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25 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

Originally published November 2015. Updated November 2020.

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