8 DIY Homemade Gift Ideas (Fun To Make!)


Handmade gifts are such a nice option when giving. We would love to share some homemade gift ideas that you can make on your own. We put together 8 fun to make gift ideas that are not only unique but will be sure to be cherished.

In a last-minute rush trying to get everything ready for the holidays?  Do you need to put together a couple of quick gifts for those co-workers, or friends that had slipped your mind?  Time flies when you are having fun, doesn’t it? Some of these ideas just might be the perfect fit for someone special!

Add any of these ideas to a Valentine’s Day Gift Basket. All of them are perfect!

Collage of images including photo candles, a scarf, photo rocks, and a large letter A with text overlay that reads

Make someone a beautiful handmade gift that they will cherish!  The holidays are upon us, so now is the time to get started!  This is Suzy from Suzys Sitcom, and I’d love to share with you some fun to make gift ideas. Pick one of these fun projects and make something special!

Fun Homemade Gift Ideas

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Create Beautiful Cutting Boards with Resin

Creating with resin is simpler than you might think. This fun tutorial shows you an easy way to create beautiful resin-coated cutting boards. These cutting boards are a great gift idea and fun to make! This craft idea is perfect for holiday giving! Click HERE for the instructions!

Crochet a Vintage Ripple Scarf

The Vintage Ripple Fan Pattern comes from one of my old crochet magazines.  I updated the pattern just a bit and made a brightly colored scarf with it.  And while I was at it, I even dabbled a bit in the field of videos and created a video to demonstrate the Double Triple Crochet stitches that are used in the fans of this pattern. Click HERE for the free pattern!

Make Beautiful Decorative Pens with Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is super forgiving. It doesn’t harden until you are ready for it to harden. The color combinations are limited only by your imagination. Go grab a bunch of pens and make something beautiful!  These make wonderful handmade gifts.  Go here for the tutorial.

Make a quilled paisley Monogram with paper

Are you working with a strict budget? Coming up with things that look expensive out of things that just plain aren’t is kind of a hobby of mine. I love monograms and they make great gifts. So with that in mind, I decided to create a monogram out of cardboard and add a quilled twist to it. Go HERE for the tutorial! It’s one of my favorite homemade gift ideas.

Transfer Photographs to stone

Create a beautiful memory that can last a lifetime! This tutorial will show you how to easily transfer photos onto stone. Transfer photos, quotes, illustrations, or anything that you can print on a simple printer! Go HERE for the tutorial!

Crochet a Heart Mug Cozy

Create a crocheted mug warmer with a colorful heart!  This is a fun afternoon project that makes a great gift!  Or keep one for yourself for a well-dressed mug. Go HERE for the free pattern!

Make Personalized photo candles

This project is surprisingly easy, takes very few supplies, and results in some amazing gifts!  Personalized Photo Candles are a unique idea and sure to be a hit. Click HERE for the instructions!

Make Layered Paper Jewelry

Make something special for your friends and relatives!  It is that special time of year for those of us that love to create.  I would love to show you how to make a unique Layered Paper Jewelry Pendant!  It is not only fun to make, but you can personalize it too. Go HERE for the tutorial!

Collage of photos including a scarf, cutting boards, mug cozy, letter a, and necklace charms with text overlay that reads

Did you see something that you would love to make? Go grab some supplies and make a gift that is super special. Something made just by you!

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