An Easy New Year’s Eve Tablescape


Today I am pulling together an easy tablescape for New Year’s Eve with items from the Target dollar spot, grocery store flowers, and things I have around the house.

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Easy DIY New Year's Eve tablescape.

This year my grown daughters (who both live in Chicago) and I are taking turns hosting holidays for the first time. So my youngest hosted a lovely Thanksgiving, my oldest will host Christmas, and I will host our annual New Year’s Eve party. This get-together will be casual and fun (it’s a pretty fierce game night), but I also want it to be festive and pretty.

Easy New Year’s Eve Tablescape

Let’s make an easy New Year’s Eve Tablescape using grocery store flowers and a few items from Target’s dollar spot. Let’s get started.

What you need: 

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DIY Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

Flower Arrangement Tips:

Tape A Grid

Use your tape to make an X-shaped grid on the glasses. The taped grid will give the flowers some added support.

Tape a Grid for extra support

Use the rule of three

I used three flowers in each glass. And it again, when placing the mini ornaments on the runner. The rule of three says that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing to the human eye. If I were using a larger vase/glass, I would have gone with five flowers.

Use three flowers in each glass plus some greenery.

Here are a few more tips

If you use greenery leftover from Christmas, you may want to mist it or place it in water for an hour or so to revive it. Blot off any excess water and place it on the runner.

Tuck the battery box for the fairy lights under the runner.

Adding ornaments and fairy lights to New Year’s Eve Tablescape

Easy New Year’s Eve Tablescape

DIY using grocery store flowers, dollar spot items from Target and things around the house.
Prep Time1 hour
Work Time1 hour
Total Time2 hours
Author: Libbie Burling
Cost: 75.00



  • 9 each Roses
  • 4 stems Greenery
  • 6 each Champagne or Wine Glasses
  • 6 each Gold Paper Chargers
  • 3 each Whiskey Glasses to hold flowers
  • 1 assortment Paper decor- horns, hats, glasses
  • 1 set Fairy lights
  • 1 assortment Mini ornaments
  • 1 each Table runner


  • Tape a grid pattern on your whiskey glasses.
  • Cut your flowers to 1.5 inches (or until they rest on the glass). Add greenery.
  • Layout your table runner and add the flowers and greenery. Next, add fairy lights and ornaments.
  • Set out your place settings (I used six).
  • Add your Champagne Splits or Sparkling Cider bottles.
  • Place your party decor on your plates or around the table if you prefer.
  • I added a flute of flavored popcorn for game night, but any treat or candy would work.
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