Bingo Back to School Free Printable Game


This Bingo Back to School Free Printable game is a great way to start the new school year. Play it at home with just two players or in the classroom with up to 25 players.

Hey there Kenarry Readers! Trish here with a school supply list twist on the classic Bingo game. In this particular game of Bingo, the gameplay cards are covered in colorful pictures of school supplies and other objects found in the classroom. This special edition back to school Bingo game can be played at home or in the classroom and with as few as two players or with as many as 25 players.

Bingo cards & laminate sleeves on a wood background surrounded by game pieces & school supplies.

Back to School Bingo Free Printable Game

Attention Teachers: When you and your new students head back into the traditional classroom I highly recommend using this game as an ice breaker. Play Bingo while having your students turn in their school supply donations as each individual item is called throughout the game. In all, there are 25 different game cards.

27-Page Free Printable game pack Includes:

  • 1 Page Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Page of 25 Game Pieces (to cut out)
  • 25 Game Boards (one per page)

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Supplies Needed:

Optional Supplies:

Back to School Bingo Game cards & instructions on a wood background.

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Back to School Bingo Prep

Here’s how to prepare the free printable game pack for your kids or your classroom.

1. Print the Bingo Cards

Begin by printing my 27-page free printable game on card stock once you get them downloaded from Kenarry.

Then, if desired, laminate the 25 game boards, game pieces and game instructions sheet.

2. cut out the Bingo game pieces and game cards.

Next use scissors or a paper cutter to cut out the game pieces then decide on the type of game markers you will use. If you choose to laminate your game boards dry erase markers work great.

Other reusable game marker ideas include:

  • Pencil top erasers
  • LEGO bricks
  • Coins
  • Poker chips
  • Painted rocks
  • Paper clips

3. Play a Round of back to school bingo!

Finally, pass out the game cards and the Bingo box marker of choice then follow the classic Bingo instructions on page 1 of the free printable. Enjoy the game!

Back to School Bingo cards with markers and an orange dauber on a wood background.

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