Boys Bedroom Plans: Curious George to Outer Space



Step three: Repaint the room. Now that a little boy has been living in this bedroom for several years, the pale yellow walls are all dinged up, dirty and dingy. To give the room an outer space feel, C1 thought we should paint the room black “because outer space is black like the night sky,” he said. I’m opting for a dark gray instead. I’m a little apprehensive about how dark gray paint will look with the dark espresso bed we already have in the room, but there is a large window which lets in a lot of natural light.

Boys bedroom plans involve removing the Curious George decal and painting the walls including a outer space theme mural.

We’re leaving the ceiling in the room white. All of the doors, woodwork and trim are also white. Between that and the light tan/beige carpet, I think it will help brighten up the space and keep it from looking too dark with the gray walls.

Boys bedroom plans involve painting the pale yellow walls and adding a mural.

Step four: Paint the mural. This is the part of the project that I’m most excited about – painting the outer space mural on the walls. This will not be as elaborate or detailed as the Castle Playroom downstairs. I’m envisioning a very large white or silver metallic rocket ship on the wall above the twin bed that’s already in the room. It will be at an angle like it’s blasting off into space.

Boys bedroom plans involve removing the Curious George decal and painting the walls including a outer space theme mural.

On the opposite wall and scattered around the room, I’m going to paint planets and moons, possibly a few stars or comets. I need to look online for some inspiration, but right now I’m thinking I’ll use a combination of both satin multipurpose and metallic paints to give the planets some texture and add an element of mystery.

Boys bedroom plans involve painting the walls and removing the whiteboard. We'll also be moving the large bookshelf and big blue chair to another room.

Step five: Decorate and reassemble the outer space bedroom. I have new outer space art work I can’t wait to tell you about for above each of the boys beds. I found glow-in-the-dark stars for the ceiling at our local dollar store. In addition to the Star Wars flannel sheets I’ve got the MI Zone Switch Comforter set at Kohl’s lined up for the bedding if it’s not too dark with the gray walls.

Step six: Organize and store the boys clothes. Lastly we have to figure out how to make the room functional and useful for the boys. With two twin beds in the room, there won’t be a lot of room for other furniture. There are four drawers under the current twin bed where C1 already stores most of his clothes. C2 has a changing table with two drawers in the nursery that converts into a short dresser we can use for him. That will also give us a place to put a lamp for some ambient lighting when the boys are getting ready for bed.

Fortunately there’s also a large closet in the boys bedroom with two bi-fold doors. Unfortunately, the closet in that room is a hot mess right now with a lot of wasted space. We’re looking at putting in a closet organization system to add a shelf and a second clothes rod across the middle of the closet. Down the center, I’d also like to add a set of shelves with possibly drawers or bins to store socks and underwear. The high shelves in the closet are where we currently store bins full of toys with small parts out of reach of the three year old. Those bins will move into the nursery/playroom as part of the boys bedroom plans. Then we can use those shelves to store clothes and shoes that are in transition from C1 to C2, luggage, extra bedding or other things the boys may need in there.

Boys bedroom plans include adding a closet organization system so small children can better reach their clothes.

Phew! We’re tired just thinking about all the work we have ahead of us, but we’re excited to get started too. We’ll share progress reports and projects along the way, but you can also subscribe to get our “Ideas in Your Inbox” so you don’t miss a thing. At any time, you can also use this link to see all of our blog posts about the Outer Space Bedroom.

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Boys bedroom plans involve removing the Curious George decal and painting the walls including a outer space theme mural.

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  1. We are doing space/Star Wars for ORC. I should have had you come talk my son out of a Star Wars room, haha! Can’t wait to see your room transformation!

    1. Oh how fun, Samantha! We’ll have to swing by your blog and check out your space/Star Wars room too. We did compromise and have a few Star Wars things lined up to decorate the room.

  2. Oh how fun! I love that they enjoy each other’s company enough to want to room together. So sweet! Following along with this wonderful makeover is going to be fun!

  3. So fun that you were able to compromise and come up with something they are both excited about! Can’t wait to see the room come together. Good luck on the challenge!

  4. You have such wonderful ideas for this room. Cannot wait to see the mural. I’ve got two boys that tell me they want to room together as well, but I have the same fears you do… staying up late talking, waking each other up, etc. My oldest is 9, and I’m thinking in a couple years he’ll want his privacy. I’ll wait to hear how it goes for your two 🙂

    1. Awww, thanks Erin! I agree if my boys were older right now we probably wouldn’t even think about putting them in the same room, but we figure since they’re only 5 and 3 years old this will hopefully last a few years. Fingers crossed that it all works out!

  5. Excited to see how you transform your boys room Carrie! My boys still love to share a room even though they have separate bedrooms:)

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