DIY Cactus Pumpkin Made With Dollar Store Supplies


Cactus decor is totally trending, so this DIY cactus pumpkin will fit right in with any succulent decor. It’s made with dollar store supplies for an easy and inexpensive craft idea.

Hello! Michelle back from Our Crafty Mom sharing a super cute DIY cactus pumpkin. It’s a fun idea that will look right at home with your plants and succulents. You can also add it to a fall or Halloween display for a conversation piece.

diy cactus pumpkin shown in fall vignette

My daughter is decorating her room with a cactus theme. I had no idea it was so popular. Apparently, it falls under the “cottage core” style which is currently blowing up Pinterest.

She fell in love with this comforter set:

cactus bedding

cactus pumpkin with red flowers

How to Make A DIY Cactus Pumpkin

Let’s get to this simple tutorial, so you can make your own cute cactus pumpkin!

What you need: 

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Craft/DIY Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

These are the ingredients you’ll need. All the exact amounts are in the printable card at the bottom of this post.

diy cactus pumpkin supplies

dIY Cactus Pumpkin

Here’s how to enhance your cottage core decor and make a prickly pumpkin on the cheap.

Paint The Pumpkin

Remove the stem and set it aside. You can easily pull it out. I’m not using it with this project, but you may want to use it in another project.

foam pumpkin with stem removed

Paint the pumpkin with a layer of white paint. This will help the green show up a little bit more. Let dry.

painting dollar store foam pumpkin

Now you want to paint the pumpkin green. I used a lighter shade of green to go with my daughter’s room, but you can use a darker green if you like.

painting pumpkin green

It took two coats to cover the pumpkin. I also went back and added a little bit of white randomly around the pumpkin grooves to give it some texture.

close up of green pumpkin

Hot Glue The Flowers

Once the pumpkin is dry, hot glue the flowers of your choice to the top of the pumpkin. I wanted to bring out some of the red that is in the comforter, but pink would look great too!

close up of red flower

Add Q-tips

I didn’t have any toothpicks handy, so I cut q-tips in half and poked them in the pumpkin. You can add a little hot glue, but the pumpkin is foam so they stick right in.

q-tips placed in foam pumpkin

Place the Pumpkin in a Pot

Now you can place the pumpkin in a clay pot, or any kind of planter you have handy. I used a galvanized bucket that I had in my stash from Dollar Tree.

I also added some scrap burlap to the pot to make it look more like a plant, and also give it some height. Moss would look great as well.

dollar store foam pumpkin painted as cactus

My daughter loves how it looks with the succulents in her bedroom. And, the best part is you don’t have to water it!

I hope you enjoyed this fun little craft project. Sometimes it’s nice to step out of your comfort zone and create something unique and quirky. This little cactus pumpkin definitely checks all the boxes.

Adorable cactus pumpkin with dollar store supplies.

DIY Cactus Pumpkin

Pick up a dollar store foam pumpkin to make an adorable DIY cactus pumpkin. This is a quick and easy craft project that can be made with all dollar store supplies.
Prep Time10 minutes
Work Time20 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Keyword: dollar store, foam pumpkin, pumpkin crafts
Author: Michelle James
Cost: $4



  • 1 Foam Pumpkin
  • Q-tips, or tooth picks
  • Foam Brush
  • White Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Silk Flowers


  • Remove the pumpkin stem.
  • Paint the pumpkin with a coat of white paint. Let dry.
  • Paint the pumpkin green. Let dry.
  • Hot glue flowers to the top of the pumpkin.
  • Stick q-tips around the pumpkin.
  • Place completed pumpkin in a pot.
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