DIY Side Table From Wire Baskets


Follow this easy tutorial to make a DIY Side Table from Wire Baskets. This is a fun DIY idea you can make from thrifted Wire Baskets. They have such pretty shapes and colors that you can use in any room.

Hello! I am Libbie from A Life Unfolding where I blog about Design, DIY, Renovations along with the occasional cocktail. Today, I am sharing an easy DIY SIDE TABLE I made from wire baskets. I love a great home decor DIY.

Gold wire basket with text overlay that reads

I am a big fan of thrifting. I actually have a route I follow on most Thursdays. A few months ago, when I stopped in my neighborhood Restore. As as I walked in, sitting in a corner practically winking at me in all their gold glory were two brand new wire baskets from Target with the tags on them! I didn’t have a plan, but for $3.50 each I knew I was taking them home.

DIY Side table from wire baskets sitting next to blue pattered chair.
Easy DIY side table from wire baskets.

How to Make A DIY Side Table From Wire Baskets

Once I had decided to make a table from my baskets, I had to decide on what to do for the top. And since I have been on a bit of a concrete kick lately, I decided to use a skim coat product called Feather Finish. Let’s get started!

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DIY Tools: 


These are the ingredients you’ll need. All the exact amounts are in the printable card at the bottom of this post.

Tips for making your table

Making a table out of two baskets is so easy that even beginning DIYers can do it! Here are some tips that will make it even easier.

Keep A Large Enough OverHang

You will want your table top to be large enough to have a 4-6 inch hang over the wire baskets base.

Making the table tops for a DIY Side Table.

Don’t Use Too Much Glue

I used a small artist’s paintbrush to apply the construction glue to ensure a nice, even contact on the wire baskets. Same with the plywood circles when I attached them.

Using glue to attache two wire baskets.
Gluing wire baskets together for DIY Table.

Feather Finish dries fast so mix small amounts if you are using multiple coats. It should be the consistency of peanut butter.

Mixing Ardex Feather Finish for the table top on a DIY Side Table from Wire Baskets.
Mixing Feather Finish

Be Careful With the Feather Finish

Apply the Feather Finish like icing on a cupcake.

Ardex Feather Finish.

Sand Between Coats

Once dry sand the concrete lightly and reapply.

Sanding the concrete with hand sander.

Use multiple coats of the sealer and very lightly sand between coats. I used four coats so that my morning cup of coffee will not stain the table.

SafeCoat Acrylacq
Close up of DIY Side Table from Wire Baskets with a concrete top.
Wire Basket and Concrete Side Table

Places to find Wire Baskets

  • Local Restore
  • Dollar General
  • Thrift Stores
  • Target- That’s where these were from originally.
  • Big Lots
  • Home Goods, TJMaxx or Marshalls.
DIY side table made from wire baskets and a concrete top.


Use wire baskets and concrete to make a side table
Prep Time1 day
Work Time2 hours
Total Time1 day 2 hours
Keyword: Concrete, diy, Side Table, Wire baskets
Author: Libbie Burling
Cost: 30.00


  • 1 Palm Sander
  • 1 Jig Saw
  • 1 Paint Brush


  • 3 Cups Ardex Feather Finish White
  • 2 OZ Acrylacq
  • 2 pieces Wire Baskets
  • 1 oz Construction Glue
  • 2 pieces Plywood circles


  • Glue two baskets together and set aside to dry.
  • Cut circle(s) for table top. I used two pieces which I glued together for the depth. Glue to the base (wire baskets).
  • Mix concrete- Feather Finish according to directions.
  • Apply to the plywood circles top and sides with trowel. Think frosting a cake!
  • Let concrete dry.
  • Sand and repeat a second coat.
  • Sand again and let dry.
  • Apply sealer in light coats sanding between each coat.
  • Enjoy!


You can sand the concrete as smooth as you like. I left mine a little more natural as I like the organic feel of it.
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