Fall Wall Decor DIY Acorn And Leaf Mobile


Create a beautiful piece of fall wall decor to decorate your home for Thanksgiving with this fun variation on an acorn and leaf mobile.

Whether you’re planning to DIY some Thanksgiving decor or just want to dress up your dining table for fall, you’ll love how simple this fall wall decor is to make. I’m Keri from One Mama’s Daily Drama and I always think a fancy table is fun, even if it’s just dinner with your kids.

fall wall decor idea with acorns and leaves hanging from a yarn-wrapped dowel

I live in Texas and acorns here are plentiful in the fall. I love to collect them when I’m walking through the park. They’re fun for a fall centerpiece and look pretty great on their own. I wanted to make a fall mobile that coordinated with my Thanksgiving centerpiece and decided the acorns would look just right.

My Thanksgiving decor is blue and yellow, so I made this craft to match, but you can use any color combination you like.

How to Make fall wall decor

For a fun variation that’s more like a traditional mobile, try using a wooden embroidery hoop instead of the dowel.

acorn and leaf fall wall decor hanging over a basket of matching painted pumpkins and sunflowers

What you need: 

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Craft/DIY Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

Acorn and leaf decor Tips:

1. What kind of acorns can I use for crafts?

There are several species of oak trees and each one makes slightly different acorns. The small ones I used are from a Texas red oak. The larger fuzzy ones are from a bur oak. Chinquapin oak, live oak, and white oak trees are also common in the US.

6 acorn caps in 2 species sitting on a countertop

2. How do you prep acorns for crafting?

After you collect the acorns, it’s important to make sure they are clean and bug-free. If you’re just using the caps, you can do this by washing them in hot, soapy water in the sink.

If you want to use the whole acorn, follow these tips for cleaning and preserving acorns. You might also find our DIY painted acorn tips handy!

3. Can I make this with real leaves too?

Leaves are quite a bit more fragile than acorns, but you can use a variety of preserving methods to prep leaves for crafting. For this fall wall decor, even preserved leaves likely won’t last for a long time but could be pretty for a craft that will last only a few days.

5 metal leaves painted in shades of blue hanging from a wooden dowel

4. What other natural materials can I use?

If you want to make your fall wall decor as organic as possible, you can use mostly found materials on a walk through a natural area. Use a branch in place of the wooden dowel. Try whole acorns instead of felt balls. Collect interesting rocks, shells, pinecones, or other nature elements common to your area. Just be sure whatever you use is clean and pest-free!

5. How can I make my acorns shiny?

Clean your acorns using the first tip above and let them dry thoroughly. Protect your work surface and spread the acorns out in a single layer. Spray the acorns with a coat of clear shellac; repeat with a second coat if necessary.

acorn and leaf wall decor hanging displayed over a blue pumpkin and sunflower centerpiece

Fall Wall Decor

Make an easy mobile out of acorns and yarn – it's fall wall decor that you can make in less than an hour.
Prep Time5 minutes
Work Time45 minutes
Total Time50 minutes
Keyword: fall wall decor
Author: Keri Houchin
Cost: $10



  • 5 large leaf charms
  • spray paint blue
  • 6 acorn caps
  • 6 felt balls blue and yellow
  • 1 wooden dowel 12 inches
  • 1 ball cotton yarn blue
  • 1 skein embroidery thread yellow


  • Paint the leaves.
    Protect your workspace by laying out newspaper and paint outdoors if possible. Use the spray paint in several light coats to paint both sides of the metal leaves. Let them dry thoroughly.
  • Make the felt acorns.
    Wash and dry the acorn caps. Spray them lightly with a coat of shellac. When the shellac has dried, glue a felt ball inside each of the acorn caps using the craft glue.
  • Wrap the dowel.
    Using a large ball of yarn, leave a tail about 12 inches long and tie a knot at one end of the dowel. Wrap the yarn tightly around the dowel down the length. When you get to the other end, leave another 12-inch tail and tie another knot.
  • Hang the leaves.
    Attach a leaf to each of the yarn tails by tying a knot. Cut additional lengths of yarn about 12 inches long and tie them to the remaining leaves. Tie these leaves onto the dowel, spacing them evenly.
  • Hang the acorns.
    Cut length of embroidery thread that are about 24 inches long. Tie either end of the embroidery thread to the stem of an acorn. If your stems are short or aren’t holding, you may want to add a dot of glue. Loop the thread around the dowel and space them out along the length.
  • Attach a cord for hanging.
    Finally, cut one more piece of cotton yarn that’s about 18 inches long. Tie each end onto the dowel to hang it up. You can hang it against a wall for fall wall decor or from anywhere to spin and move as a mobile.
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fall wall decor hanging with blue painted leaves and blue and yellow felt acorns with natural caps

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