Kids’ Handprint DIY Tablecloth for Thanksgiving


It’s never too late to start a new tradition. Gather the kids to make this handprint DIY tablecloth each Thanksgiving. This simple holiday craft will become a favorite activity and a beautiful keepsake.

Hello! It’s Keri from One Mama’s Daily Drama again and this time I want to share a fun and easy Thanksgiving craft project that can become a fun annual tradition. A few years ago, I decided it would be fun to make a tablecloth with all the kids’ handprints at our Thanksgiving dinner.

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Gather the children to make this handprint DIY tablecloth each Thanksgiving or holiday dinner. This simple Thanksgiving craft will become a favorite activity for kids and a beautiful keepsake. #thanksgiving #thanksgivingcraft #kenarry

My husband and I have hosted Thanksgiving in our home with our friends for several years. It’s casual and laid-back, and the best part {besides all the food, of course} is that the kids get to run and play together while the parents sit and catch up.

The kids in our social circle are a pretty wide age range, so finding things they can all do together is sometimes a challenge. But a fun creative activity that lets them get a little messy is just the kind of fun that every kid can enjoy.

How to Make a Kids’ Handprint DIY Tablecloth

You only need a few basic supplies for this project, plus a tablecloth. I chose a white tablecloth and classic fall colors, but you can use any combination to match your holiday décor.

What you need: 

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Craft Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

DIY Handprint Tablecloth Supplies


1. Set up your workspace.

Spread newspapers where you’ll be working to protect your area from paint. This is pretty non-messy, but it’s better to be safe than stained. Unfold the tablecloth and choose the section where you’ll paint. I’m using a round tablecloth so that the handprints will go around in a circle and meet up eventually.

2. Paint the palm of each child.

I have the kids line up so they can go one at a time and let them choose the paint color. Squirt a dollop of paint onto the palm of one hand. Use the sponge brush to spread it evenly across the palm and to the fingertips. You want it to be thick enough to not all absorb into the skin, but not so thick that it drips.

DIY Handprint Tablecloth: painting the palm and fingers

3. Press the hand onto the tablecloth.

Flip the child’s hand over and press the palm and finger onto the tablecloth. Be sure to go straight down and back up so it doesn’t smear.

DIY Handprint Tablecloth: handprints on fabric

4. Wash hands.

I usually ask another mom to lead younger kids to the bathroom to wash their hands thoroughly. The acrylic paint comes off quickly and won’t clog the sink.

5. Add the names and year.

Let the handprints dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a permanent marker or thick pen to write each child’s first name and the year beneath their handprint.

DIY Handprint Tablecloth kids activity

Let everything dry thoroughly {overnight if possible} before putting the handprint tablecloth away. I haven’t washed my tablecloth and only use it on a side table where I know it won’t get food or other spills. If you plan to wash your tablecloth, I recommend spot cleaning only.

Gather the children to make this handprint DIY tablecloth each Thanksgiving or holiday dinner. This simple Thanksgiving craft will become a favorite activity for kids and a beautiful keepsake. #thanksgiving #thanksgivingcraft #kenarry

When I started the kids’ handprint tablecloth in 2015, I was worried that it was “too late.” We’ve been having this dinner party for years and I felt like I had already missed so much time working on it. The thing is everyone really enjoys doing it each year – parents and kids. It’s fun to see how much the kids have grown and what colors they’ll choose, and to see the handprints slowly spread around the circle. When it comes to making special memories, it’s really never too late to start!

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