How to Make Paper Ornaments for Christmas


Decorate your Christmas tree with a collection of pretty paper ornaments using scrapbook paper in your favorite colors and patterns.

Hello! I’m Keri from One Mama’s Daily Drama and this month I’m celebrating the craftiest time of the year! I love decorating for Christmas, especially if I can spend time making crafts like these paper ornaments with my family.

green, red, and pink 3D paper ornaments on a mini pink Christmas tree beside a letterboard that reads

I love this little pink tree and it has kind of inspired my Christmas crafting this year. If you’re not a fan of bright colors or you just prefer something more traditional, you can make these ornaments in any colors that you like.

If you want to make these with your kids, you can either draw the shapes and let them cut everything out or just precut the circles, squares, etc. and let the kids assemble.

How to Make paper ornaments

Each ornament starts out as a simple shape, which means you can try just about anything. Trace objects from around the house or try freehand drawing retro ornament shapes.

What you need: 

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Craft Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

scrapbook paper, ribbon, scissors, a hole punch, glue, and a paper punch on a rubber cutting mat


1. Make the circle paper ornaments.

Use a circle cutter to make several 2-inch circles from the scrapbook paper. Each ornament needs 6 circles and I was able to get 24 circles from a single page.

If you don’t have a circle cutter, you can trace an object from around your house with a pencil and cut out with scissors.

red paper with six holes cut out beside a circle cutter

2. Fold the circles.

Next, fold each circle in half and put them in groups of 6. If your paper has a “right” side, make sure it is on the inside of the fold.

three flat circles beside 3 folded circles

3. Punch holes for the ribbon.

For each group of 6 circles, take 2 and punch a hole near the top. This is where you’ll thread the ribbon through to hang later.

using a hole punch to make a hole in a circle

4. Glue the folded circles.

Take each folded circle and coat one side with glue, then attach another folded circle. Glue all 6 together, lining up the edges. As you assemble, make sure the circles with the holes are across from each other.

a hand holding two folded circles together
a hand holding a ball of of 6 folded circles glued together

5. Add the ribbon.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 7 inches long. Then thread it through the holes in the paper ornament and tie the ends together at the top.

Set each ornament aside to dry while you work on the next one.

a hand holding a green ribbon that has been looped through a paper ornament
closeup of a red circle ornament on a pink tree with other ornaments

paper ornaments with other shapes:

Square/diamond paper ornaments

To make square/diamond paper ornaments, use a ruler and pencil to mark 2×2-inch squares. Cut them out and punch the hole in a corner.

a pile of green squares beside a piece of green scrapbook paper on a cutting mat

Assemble them the same way you did the circles – fold and glue. Thread a 7-inch ribbon through the hole to hang.

green squares demonstrating the steps to punch a hole, fold in half, and glue together
green paper ornament on a pink mini Christmas tree

Teardrop paper ornament

To make the teardrop ornament, I traced a circle and then used the ruler to add a point to the bottom that meets 1/2-inch below the circle. After cutting out one, I traced it to make the others.

It worked really well on this particular scrapbook paper because it was white on the back.

red circle beside a drawing of a teardrop on white paper
white teardrop on a cutting mat next to a paper with several teardrops drawn

Again, fold, punch a hole in 2, and glue 6 together. I punched a hole in the large end to hang pointing down, but you could also do the other end up.

teardrops demonstrating the steps to punch a hole, fold, and glue together
closeup of a teardrop ornament made from red, pink, and green striped paper on a pink tree

Trim the tree with paper ornaments

decorated pink mini Christmas tree beside a letterboard that reads
decorated pink Christmas tree

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