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How to Paint Beautiful Stepping Stones with Stencils

Creating with stencils can be very rewarding. Painting elaborate designs using stencils as a base design is a simple method. This easy tutorial shows you how to paint beautiful stepping stones with stencils!

This is Suzy from Suzy’s Sitcom, and I’d love to show you a method to create decorative painted designs the simple way. I’m talking about stencils. Stencils not only make life easier when painting multiple pieces, but they can serve as a great base for a much more elaborate design! This tutorial features a fun idea for how to paint beautiful stepping stones with stencils!

Painting elaborate designs using stencils as a base design is a simple method.  This easy tutorial shows you how to create beautiful stenciled stepping stones for your garden!

When I sit down to paint, I find that I have a tendency to get pretty elaborate. I love swirls and colors and flowery designs. So when I ran across these pretty stencils, I could not resist! These stencils have so much potential. Create a stepping stone with just the stencil itself, or go crazy and add lots of your own touches to the design!

Whether you simply use a stencil and end it there, or add a bunch of your own designs, your end result will be something beautiful for your garden! So, let’s create!

How to paint beautiful Stepping stones with stencils!

Before beginning this project, I did a search on the internet for pretty stencils. I already had my 12″ stepping stones and was looking for something amazing to use with them. I found a great set of four that made me smile. The main problem I had was choosing which one to paint first!

4 elaborate floral stenciles

What you need: 

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Paint, brushes, a cement stepping stone and a stencil


1. assemble your stenciling supplies

Choose the stencil that you would like to work with and assemble your supplies. Begin by selecting acrylic paint colors for your project. For an ombre (gradient) look, I used a lighter and a darker teal blue.

Painting a stepping stone using a stencil

2. Using the stencil on your project

Center the stencil on the stepping stone. Hold the stencil in place with one hand. Dab the stenciling sponge into the paint and begin dabbing the paint onto the stenciled area. Gently dab the paint straight down onto the surface.  DO NOT rub it back and forth as if you were using a paintbrush.  This will cause the paint to squeeze under the stencil and make a mess.  Just gently up and down.  

Using a sponge brush to dab blue paint on a stencil

If you are going for the ombre look as in my design, start with the lighter color on the inside of the stencil and then add the darker color to the outside of the edges of the stencil. Continue until the whole stenciled area is covered.

A stepping stone with a stencil painted light blue

3. removing the stencil

You can see in the photo above where I changed color to achieve the ombre look. Once the entire piece is covered with paint, it is time to remove the stencil!

A two-toned blue floral design on a stepping stone.

So pretty! You can certainly stop at this point and finish up with a coating of clear acrylic to protect your paint. Or… you can now start embellishing!

Adding white paint around the edges of a stenciled stepping stone.

4. Adding embellishments to the stenciled design

On this project, I began by adding a bright white to the outside edges of the design with a small brush. This included adding in little details such as swirls and extra touches.

Add red accents by hand to the stepping stone.

Add more and more embellishments such as dots in contrasting bright colors, flowers, and added swirls. There is absolutely no wrong way to do this! Do as little or as much as you would like. Make the design your own!

An elaborately painted stepping stone that used stencils.

5. Finishing and protecting your design

Once the design is completed to your satisfaction, allow the paint to thoroughly dry. Add several coats of clear acrylic sealant to protect the paint from the weather. The finished piece makes a bright addition to your garden!

Using stencils as a background, your finished design looks amazingly intricate and beautiful! And you did it the simple way!

Painting elaborate designs using stencils as a base design is a simple method.  This easy tutorial shows you how to create beautiful stenciled stepping stones for your garden!

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  1. Beautiful work and such a fun idea to pretty up my drab garden! All I need is a concrete block and a dazzling stencil…thanks so much!

  2. The link for the stencils is incorrect. This link simply takes me to amazon and other products but not stencils. I like yours very much and would like to know exactly where you got them from.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Lis,
      I just double checked and the link for the 12″ x 12″ stencil on the “What You Need” List is working correctly for me. Are you clicking on a different link in the post. Here is the specific stencil set on Amazon that Suzy used for this project – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QNY8WJT/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=kenacomideafo-20&linkId=23d68c0b78ecb63a7c7263abd9c80b77&language=en_US

      Please let us know if that link works for you!

      Best wishes,

  3. Hi! Dang I wish I was half that artistic! I have a question about stencil paint. I have trouble with acrylic paint being too runny and running under the stencil. So I’d CVlove to use stencil paint but surely can’t afford that stuff! So I got online and looked around and found a way to make chalk paint! The formula said 3 parts paint. I mixed it up and let it set up overnight. It was almost TOO thick so I just added a little more paint till it was the consistency I wanted and it is working very well! Just thought I would share!

    1. That’s awesome, Melanie! Thanks for taking the time to hop on here and share with the rest of us. The other trick with stencils is to just dab the paint on to the stencil – don’t swipe it on with a brush. It also helps to just go easy on it with a little at a time. If you try to use too much at one time, you’ll have trouble with the paint running under the stencil.

      Good luck with your project! Suzy and I would love to see how it turned out!

      Best wishes,
      Carrie from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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