I’m Bored Bingo Game: Free Printable for Kids


This I’m Bored Bingo Game printable will give your families a little something to do and allow you to be productive at the same time. Most of us are safe in our houses, working from home, and staying home as much as possible. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary.

Hello! It’s Erica from Messy Momma Crafts, here to bring you a fun printable for your quarantine time. Our family has been trying to get outside as much as possible by walking the dogs, playing in the yard or doing yard work. But there are also days where we are trying to find something to do where we play video games, watch movies or bake. It’s all about balance. That is why our I’m Bored Bingo game will keep your family having fun and spending time together.

This Bingo printable will give your families a little something to do and allow you to be productive at the same time.

Just print our FREE I’m Bored! Bingo sheet, and pick 1-2 or even 3 fun things to do during the day. Get a Bingo and maybe get a piece of candy? Or a treat of some sort.

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How to Make and Play our i’m bored bingo Game

There are 25 squares on this Bingo sheet, with 24 fun family ideas and a free space for when you’re needing a day to just lay low.

Check out the Bingo sheet and pick a couple squares that you and your family would like to accomplish for the day. Are you in the mood to hike your favorite trail? Have a picnic in the yard? Or just simply bake some cookies?

What you need: 

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Craft/DIY Tools Needed: 



Load your printer with white card stock, paper will work too but you have to be more careful of the markers bleeding through.

2. clip the bingo sheet on a clipboard.

Clip the Bingo sheet onto a clipboard and use a Bingo marker to color a dot on the activities you’ve accomplished.

What can i use instead of bingo markers?

Although Bingo markers are a lot of fun to use, you don’t need them. Do you have highlighters? Crayons? Or a pencil? Just simply cross off each box that you accomplish.

WHAT happens when we get a bingo?

Write out a few prizes when your family gets a bingo. Maybe a movie night, a piece of candy, or a small gift card when the whole board is filled.

This Bingo printable will give your families a little something to do and allow you to be productive at the same time.

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This Bingo printable will give your families a little something to do and allow you to be productive at the same time.

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